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K-State Today

September 19, 2011

Faculty member has essay selected for environmental anthology

By Ted Cable

book cover

Ted T. Cable, professor of natural resource management, had the essay "Beauty and the Birds" published in "Wildbranch: An Anthology of Nature, Environmental and Place-based Writing."

This anthology is a collection of essays and poems about nature contributed by such well-known authors as Scott Russell Sanders, Mira Bartok and Allison Hawthorne Deming. The anthology was edited by Florence Caplow and Susan A. Cohen and published by the University of Utah Press.

One reviewer, Scott Slovic from the University of Nevada-Reno, called the book one of the richest collections of environmental writing to emerge in years.

"The overall quality of writing is extremely high," said John Elder from Middlebury College. "Many of the voices are fresh and engaging, and they are organized into sections that add up to a compelling ethical perspective on this beautiful planet and the fellow creatures with whom we humans share it."