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K-State Today

August 16, 2017

Curriculog goes campuswide this fall

By Charlotte Pfaff

Curriculog — K-State's new online course and curriculum management system — will make its campuswide debut this fall. Curriculog was released as a pilot implementation for course proposals in spring 2017.

Beginning fall 2017, all colleges and committees will use Curriculog for course proposals.

The following features are included with Curriculog:

  • Electronic forms to initiate course and curriculum updates.
  • Import data directly from catalogs.
  • Impact reports.
  • Workflow to automatically route proposals through appropriate approval processes.
  • Enhanced collaboration and approval tracking.
  • Electronic interactive agendas.

K-State faculty and staff may log in to Curriculog and view course proposals and agendas using their K-State eID and password.

To get started, visit the Curriculog website. Select the training link to view upcoming training sessions. You may also select the help link to view online help guides. Suggested help guides for beginners include "Getting Started" and "Proposals Module: Overview" and "View a Proposal" under the proposals link.

As we continue to the next phase of Curriculog implementation, look for additional information, updates and opportunities for training in K-State Today.

If you have questions, please contact your college or committee representative.