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K-State Today

August 19, 2011

Reminders regarding course and curriculum changes

By Faculty Senate

As a new academic year begins, changes to courses and curricula begin as well.

Below are a few reminders to provide assistance: 

  • Changes made to a course or curriculum must go through an approval process. 
  • Changes either go through the full process (non-expedited) or an expedited process.
  • A form is completed for all changes.
  • These forms can be found online (see link below) and are to be filled out and saved so they may be sent forward electronically.
  • When completing the change form’s From and To sections, best practice is to copy directly from the online undergraduate or graduate catalog and then make strike though and underline edits to your document. Please be cautious about using older curriculum guides as these may be outdated, therefore causing confusion and delaying approval. 
  • The following link leads you to the Course and Curriculum Approval page which is a valuable resource tool when working on a proposed change: http://www.k-state.edu/registrar/ccap/
    • New documents have been posted on the site to assist such as a:
      • Decision tree – this helps a faculty member determine which process to follow (full or expedited)
      • FAQ sheet – this provides basic answers to commonly asked questions
      • New Degree Checklist – this outlines what should be included in a new degree proposal
  • Changes take time to go through the approval process and multiple offices and committees are involved. Please be mindful of this when proposing a change and review the time line below **


Changes, Additions, Deletions effective for:

Must be submitted to Faculty Senate Academic Affairs 10 calendar days prior to:

Must be approved by Faculty Senate by:

Spring term (including January intersessions)

2nd September meeting* 

October meeting 

Summer term (Including May intersessions)

2nd January meeting*


February meeting


Fall term (Including August intersessions)

2nd April meeting* 

May meeting 


* Graduate courses must be approved by the Graduate Council in order to be approved by the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee. This means the college must approve changes and submit the changes to the Graduate Council by Aug. 10 for spring terms; Nov. 10 for aummer terms; and March 10 for fall terms, in order for these items to be placed on the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs meeting agendas. 

** Expedited changes do not follow the same time line as they do not go through the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee or Faculty Senate. See the Instruction Manual (found on the Course and Curriculum Approval Web page) beginning on page 16 for more information on expedited changes.