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K-State Today

August 19, 2011

Call for classroom study abroad presentations

By Karlin Webster

We would like to extend an invitation to you to have a study abroad office representative visit your class to give a short presentation about how studying abroad can fit into their academic schedule and the opportunities it affords.

Currently just 3 percent of K-State students take advantage of study abroad opportunities, and we would love for you to consider making time in your semester schedule for us to give students information and resources about study abroad options within their discipline. Our presentations are generally 15 minutes long, including a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, and can be completely tailored to fit your requests. We would especially love the opportunity to present in front of entry-level classes, classes with an international focus, honors societies and any other groups you feel would benefit from studying abroad.

Please contact us via email, at 532-5990 or by stopping by the office at 304 Fairchild Hall.