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K-State Today

September 2, 2011

A time to remember, a time to prepare

By Steve Broccolo

September is National Preparedness Month. This eighth annual event is titled "A Time to Remember, A Time to Prepare," and it encourages Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies. Recent events such as the massive wildfires in Oklahoma and Texas, Hurricane Irene, flooding of Wildcat Creek and the East Coast earthquake highlight the need for Americans to be prepared.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Ready Campaign, in partnership with Citizen Corps and the Ad Council, announced the launch of new Web tools that make it easier for individuals and organizations throughout the nation to join the 2011 National Preparedness Month coalition and pledge their support to help prepare their families, businesses and communities for emergencies of all kinds.

Individuals and groups can now register to become NPM coalition members by visiting community.fema.gov. Once registered, members have access to a toolkit that includes suggestions for activities and events, templates, articles, banners and customizable materials. Coalition members also have access to an events calendar allowing them to post and promote preparedness events, share success stories, and participate in national and regional discussion forums to engage with fellow coalition members and FEMA representatives. Prepare and stay safe.

The department of environmental health and safety will be celebrating National Preparedness Month by publishing information from FEMA on how you can prepare for a disaster. We have learned that while you can’t prevent a natural disaster, you can make it possible to come out of it better if you are properly prepared. Follow our dialogue in K-State Today this month.