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K-State Today

September 2, 2011

Nel named editor of children's literature series

By Philip Nel

Philip Nel

Routledge has announced that Philip Nel, professor of English and director of K-State's children's literature program, is succeeding Jack Zipes as editor of its Children's Literature and Culture Series, the longest-running series devoted to the study of children's literature and culture.  

"Jack Zipes' shoes are big ones to fill. I'm honored to be asked, and will do my best to live up to this honor," Nel said.  

Zipes is also one of the founders of the field. As Nel explains, Zipes is "one of the people who, 40 years ago, brought serious critical attention to children's literature, and helped it gain a foothold in literature departments. It's safe to say that without people like Jack, K-State's English department would not be offering courses in children's literature."