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K-State Today

September 2, 2011

Physics professor published in American Physical Society journal

By Communications and Marketing

Uwe Thumm, professor of physics, and Chang Hua Zhang, research associate in physics, were published in the most recent issue of Physical Review A, the monthly journal of the American Physical Society.

The duo's publication, "Streaking and Wigner delays in photoemission from atoms and surfaces," investigates the dynamics of electrons emitted from atoms and metallic surfaces with a resolution in time of a several billionth of a billionth of a second. At this ultra-high time resolution the motion of electrons in atoms can be resolved. Experiments with a resolution in time at the natural time scale of the motion of electron in atoms have recently become possible due to rapid advances laser technology and are rendering the dream of an “electronic movie” into a reality at several leading physics laboratories in the world, among them the James R. Macdonald Physics Laboratory at K-State.

Physical Review A publishes research on the worldwide development of atomic, molecular and optical physics.