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Transfer Ambassador Program

Meeting Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

Union Room 209

September 10, 2013 8:00 p.m.


In attendance: Sarah Potter, Katie Tieben, Haley Lively, Anne Elpers, Erica Gianakon, Jolie Butler, Michelle George Lindsey Pease, Chris Brettell, Keelan Jackson, Kiah Gourley, Leah Hill, Laura Wilson, Josh Murphy, Joshua Welch, Melissa Bekemeyer, Elizabeth White, Kayla McKenney, Suzy Fowler, Kayla Saunders, Cody Hollister, Nicole Fiorentino, Parker Cameron, Kelsie Cole, Colin Barr, Katy Fallon, Caitlin St. John, Natalie Hiebert, Erin Beccia, Michaela Simmelink, Erin Lichter, Angela Glean, Tyler Davis, Deana Core

I.  Welcome

                A. Introduce yourself to two people

B.  What we’re about

                                1. Students helping students

                                2. making TAP a community program

C. Events

                                1. Fundraiser
                                2. Social events
                                3. Transfer Visit and Enrollment
                                4. Banquet
                                5. Hosting PTK Conference
                                6. Partnership Day
                                7. Leadership Day

                                1. Alumni continue traditions from community college
                                2. Part of Transfer Ambassador Program

II. Officer Elections

A. Next meeting, give short speech of why you want the position and your qualifications
B. Open positions – Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Media Chair, Public Relations Chair, Fundraiser Chair, Social Co-Chair
C. Fill out officer application-due Sept. 20 to Deana or Bill

III. Polos
                A. Want to look professional
                B. Point system
                                1. Check email for point system rubric
                                2. Must earn right to buy polo through points system
                                3. Earn most points by October 7th

IV. Upcoming Events
                A. Career Fair – September 24th-25th
                                1. Need 20 volunteer hours as a group
                B. Transfer Visit Day – October 4th
                                1. Need volunteers early in the morning and lunch shift
                                2. Need volunteers in afternoon to work K-Booth
                C. Orientation and Enrollment – November 20th
                                1. Need volunteers in early morning
                                2. Need volunteers throughout day at K-Booth
                D. PTK Conference – November 8th
                                1. We will offer campus tours
                                2. Volunteers are needed to help with dinner
                E. Partnership Day – November 8th
                                1. Kansas community college advisors are invited to campus
                                2. Volunteers needed to create a panel of students to talk about transferring
                F. Leadership Day – November 12th
                                1. Leaders from community colleges come for training day
                G. Challenge Course
                                1. Officers are required to attend
                                2.  Any other Transfer Ambassador is welcome/encouraged to participate
                H. Soup Kitchen – November 10th, 17th, and December 8th
                                1. Great bonding activity
                                2. Sundays 3:30-6:45
                                3. Four people work at a time

V. Social Events
                A. Low key events
                B. Possibilities
                                1. Tailgate
                                2. Game Night
                                3. Bowling
                                4. Cold Stone College Night (Buy one, get one for 25 cents)
                                5.  Potluck
                                6.  Group rock climbing
                                7. Varsity Donuts (decorate your own donut night)
                C. We will vote on the top choices at the next meeting

VI. McCain Info Night – September 23rd
                1. Representatives that attend receive two free tickets to the show Memphis
                2. RSVP by Monday, September 16th (email Sarah Potter or post on Facebook TAP page)

VII. Dues
                1. $5.00 due Oct. 1st
                2. T-shirts are $10
                                a. Can be bought any time
                                b. Can be bought by any Transfer Ambassador

VIII. Next Meeting
                1. Will be on September 24th at 8PM in Union 209
                2. Don’t forget, we will be voting for officers and for social events.