Meeting Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

Union Big 12 Room

October 22, 2013 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Chris Brettell, Baleigh Barnthouse, Colin Barr, Melissa Bekemeyer, Briana Carillo, Krystal Collier, Kelsey Couture, Tyler Davis, Hanna Denomy, Anne Elpers, Katy Fallon, Suzy Fowler, Michelle Gerorge, Angela Glean, Kiah Gourley, Andrew Harkins, Leah Hill, Cody Hollister, Erin Lichter, Erica Gianakon, Hayley Lively, Piper McCord, Josh Murphy, Sarah Potter, Nicole Rieter, Aubrey Schlitzer, Danielle Shearin, Michaela Simmelink, Joshua Welch, Aaron Neely and Laura Wilson.


We started off with a team building activity. We all got into groups of 3 or 4 and had 5 minutes to build a “cage” to secure our team’s egg. We only had a few supplies and had to use every single one of them too. It was a success and only 4 eggs ended up “surviving” the drop.


On Going Business:


Gift Mart-

  • November 19th is the day of the actual event.
  • If you know of anyone that wants to participate they need to register by NOVEMBER 8th! But we would like them to be committed by November 1st.
  • Liz White is the contact person for this event if you have any questions at all. Her email is
  • We need people to work at the out booth selling the baked goods and also people to make the baked goods. If you would like to work contact Liz, if you would like to bake an item please refer to the email we had sent out a few days ago or contact Liz if you deleted it. (We have certain items we cannot sell)
  • If you want to actually sell your crafty items contact Deana and she will set up a brief meeting with everyone who wants to, that way you can all combine your items to sell.


Transfer Leadership Day and Training-

  • If you want to lead a training session you need to contact Bill or Sarah saying that you WILL be at the training session on this Friday the 25th from 3-5pm. They are trying to get a head count on who is going to be there.
  • If you can’t make it that day there will be another training session, but for that training session’s time and date that is TBA.
  • You can still invite your schools and certain people you want to come and that information was attached to the end of last meeting minutes and you can find them on the TAP page.
  • Also we do need other workers for Transfer Leadership Day other than the leading the sessions, but we will sign up for that at our next meeting.


Pumpkin Carving Contest-

  • You need to make up your own group if you are coming. Most people have already made groups, but if you are not in a group just find someone to join in on.
  • Each group needs their own supplies.
  • The event is taking place this coming Sunday the 27th in the parking lot right beside Anderson Hall. It starts at 5pm and we will provide pizza shuttle for everyone.


Officer and Bill and Deana Announcements:


Tour Guide Positions-

  • If you want to be a tour guide contact Bill or Deana personally.
  • Training is kind of a long process but in the end it is worth it.
  • With training you will go out 4 times with another tour guide and the 1st two times you will just observe. The 3rd time you will present the first part of the tour and the 4th time you will present the second half of the tour, then on the 5th tour you will present the whole tour and someone will observe you to make sure you are doing it right.
  • This is a perfect opportunity if any of you want to work on campus later in life. If later in life you get a job in the admission office you will have the tour training part out of the way and that is like 1/3 of the training. Also it looks great on a resume for other future jobs.
  • If you are interested but too busy this semester, you can always apply next semester too.
  • The schedules for tours are usually at 10:30, 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 and last about 45 minutes.


Photo Shoot-

  • If you would like to be in pamphlets, brochures, or other type of advertisement for KSU contact Bryon at
  • When you contact him please let him know your name, number and your availability and he will contact you back from there with more information.
  • He wants to know by this Thursday the 24th by 5pm and the actual photo shoots will take place on Monday and Tuesday the 28 and 29, so next week.



  • She wants everyone to follow TAP on twitter and Facebook. Twitter handle it @ TAPksu and Facebook is K-state transfer ambassador program.



  • She will be glad to take any information about how to help promote any up coming events.



  • If you have not talked to me about your points for the polo please shoot me a email at and let me know what you have participated in



  • Just is taking money. If you have not paid your due please do that as soon as you can. It is $5.


 Other Information:


Guest Speaker Survey-

We voted on 3 guest speakers and they were the Career and Employment Services, Union Program Council, and Leadership Studies. Based on the number of votes is the order we will have these speakers come speak. The order will be the Union Program Council, Career and Employment Services and then Leadership studies, so look forward to those guest speakers.


T-shirts, Polos, and Dues-

During this meeting this was our last chance to purchase polos or t-shirts, but before you could buy them you had to pay your $5 due. If you didn’t get a chance to purchase either shirt no worries we will make another order for both next semester.