November 12, 2013 Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

Union Room 209

November 12, 2013 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Colin Barr, Melissa Bekemeyer, Briana Carillo, Kelsey Couture, Tyler Davis, Hanna Denomy, Anne Elpers, Katy Fallon, Nicole Fiorentino, Suzy Fowler, Erica Giankon, Angela Glean, Kiah Gourley, Morgan Grimmett, Leah Hill, Cody Hollister, Keelan Jackson, Hayley Lively, Piper McCord, Josh Murphy, Aaron Neely, Sarah Potter, Aubrey Schlitzer, Danielle Shearin, Michaela Simmelink, Katie Tieben, Elizabeth White, Laura Wilson, Brandon Young, Ashleigh Ollentieck, Shelby Wilson, and Kelly Orbin.


Again we started off with a team building activity; this one is called the Helium Stick. We split into two teams and the goal was for every team member to hold the stick up with one finger and to lower the stick to the ground without taking your finger off. It was a success for one team while the other one had to start over at least once.


Old Business:


Soup Kitchen-

  • The people who helped at the first one said it was a success and everyone loved it and thought we should do it many more times in the future.


PTK Conference-

  • Aaron spoke a little about this and said it was also a big success.
  • They raised a ton of food
  • Everyone he talked to said nothing but good things to him.


Partnership Day-

  • Only good things about this event too!
  • The DCE who was here early to set up, had nothing but great things to say about us


On Going Business:


Gift Mart-

  • Tuesday the 19th set up they would like you there at 9am to help
  • Student Union
  • We have 4 Venders and 7 Booths for sure now, but if you know of anyone that wants to still participate email Liz ASAP at
  • Please bring your food in Monday, ready to be sold, to Bill and Deana’s office between 8 and 5 in Anderson Hall room 119. Or you can bring them Tuesday Morning at the actual event
  • We will be chalking Monday so if you have time just stop by Bill and Deana’s office to grab chalk and go out and chalk and then bring it back.
  • Again run everything by Liz if you have any questions at all!


Leadership Day-

  • Friday the 15th in the Big Twelve room and then Lectures will be in the Leadership building
  • 9-10 is registration, 11 workshop, noon lunch (those who have helped eat free), then a few session from 1:15 till about 2:30, and the President will speak at 2:30.
  • People who were running a workshop talked to Bill after the meeting about what they are going to do


Transfer Orientation and Enrollment Day-

  • Wednesday the 20th
  • People should be signed up to work shifts, if you haven’t and would like to please contact Sarah ASAP


Other Information:


Social event-

  • Board game night
  • Bring food
  • Replace December meeting
  • All agreed on that


Officer Information-

  • Anne-  Point System, just making sure I have everyone
  • Erica- Just wants pictures from anyone who takes pictures during events, so she can post them on our Facebook and Twitter
  • Leah- Asked if you could change your Facebook profile to the picture of the Gift Mart to help get the word out


Next Meeting December 10th and it will be board game night!