Meeting Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

Union Forum Hall

October 8, 2013 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Haley Lively, Krystal Collier, Katie Tieben, Kiah Gourley, Josh Murphy, Elizabeth White, Laura Wilson, Michelle George, Anne Elpers, Cody Hollister, Brandon Young, Baleigh Barnthouse, Hannah Denomy, Danielle Shearin, Suzy Flower, Nicole Reiter, Aubrey Schlitzer, Jessica Giannina, Chris Brettell, Tyler Davis, Michaela Simmelink, Kelsey Couture, Nicole Fiorentino, Erica Gianakon, Keelan Jackson, Melissa Bekemeyer, Angela Glean Leah Hill, Sarah Potter, Collin Barr, and then two other girls who I cannot read their hand writing. Also we had one guest Kiley Moody.


First off we had 5 new people that have never been to a meeting so they all introduced themselves with where they were from, major, and year in school.


Then we started the meeting with two guest speakers Kiley Moody and Angela Glean. Kiley Moody talked about how to be a spokes person for KSU. The main point of her speech was that we are usually the first people prospect students come in contact with and we need to try and help them in the best way we can. She said that we need to under promise and over deliver. She also mentioned that we are the ones who make the connection with these students. Liz gave her advice and experience saying that you never know what mood someone is in when they walk through those doors and that we need to treat them all the same and with a smile on our faces. Also Kiley said that when they are looking for places to fill it is almost always throughout the semester. Her email if you are interested in applying to work in the Admission Office is


Angela Glean shared with us about study abroad and her experience with it. Angela went to Ecuador. First if you are interested in studying abroad their office is in Fairchild Hall 304 email is and the school website is                     She answered 4 questions why, how, where, and what. For why she said it was super cool, you learn a new culture, you can do service projects, and just learn many new things. How, is through the study abroad office, cost is mostly instate tuition and there are many scholarships available and also some financial aid applies to some. Graduating on time is possible for transfer students, just make sure you talk to your advisor and start planning ahead. Where can you go? You can go pretty much anywhere. You can volunteer, go on a faculty led trip, or for an internship. You can go for one week or up to a year. What can you do? You can attend school and transfer credits from that school back to KSU, or you can help with research. There are many different options for you if you are interested. Again the study abroad information and office number is above.


New Business-


Gift Mart-

  • November 19th
  • Biggest fundraising event for us
  • All day event from 8-5 and everyone who was there and could work signed up at our meeting. If you needed to check your schedule and get back to them please email Liz with the times you are available
  • Event takes place in the courtyard of the student union in front of Salsarita’s
  • We have a bake sale for the event too. If you want to bake something please contact Liz for a list of what we CANNOT make, based on the union rules
  • We invite vendors like Mary Kay, Scentsy, and other crafty sellers
  • If you have anyone in mind that you think would like to sell their item have them get in contact with Bill or Deana so they can get more information about the event and how they can join in on the fun. Make sure you do not promise them a position; this is just information for them to look at and contact Deana or Bill about participating. They pay us $30 and then get to keep all their profits
  • If anyone knows of any school groups in Manhattan like the boy scouts or and FFA group you can contact them and see if they would like to join
  • Liz is the main contact person for this event her email is
  • For working we will need set up and clean up people and then people to work the bake sale during the day


Transfer Leadership Day-

  • If you would like to lead a strength training session you NEED to come to training session. The first one is on October 25 from 3-5pm and the second one is TBA. Also to come to the training session you need to go ahead and do your strength training assessment. If you did not get a code in September or already have done them you need to go purchase a code from Varney’s or the union bookstore. Varney’s is cheap by almost $3.
  • The actual Leadership Day is November 15th
  • If you want a school to participate I have attached information to the bottom about how they can register and a little bit of information about the event. If you are not sure if they are invited or not ask Bill or Deana
  • We are trying to show them how cool KSU but not in a typical visit day
  • Also we have gotten the President to speak at the end of the day!!


Ongoing Business-


T-shits we order them twice a year, once a semester, so if you want one soon please purchase one here form Collin. The t-shirt sizes are like normal t-shirts. For the polo, we are also ordering them soon. You can purchase them in advance and then we would hold them till you get all your points. The point system will be added to the end of the minutes. For now keep track of your points, but I am working on a spread sheet to keep track myself. With the polo they are more fitted for the girls and like a normal t-shirt for the boys, in case you are worried about sizes (girls). The t-shirt are $10 and the polo is $24.20. You CANNOT purchase these till you pay your $5 due.




If you have not filled out an application for TAP please go to the website and do that ASAP so we can learn a little more about you and be able to put you on the website.


Make sure when you apply to any email do not just reply straight to the email. Go and compose a new one to the person you are talking to, because when they email you it is on a list serve and then when you reply to the list serve everyone else gets your message too.


Upcoming Events-


Pumpkin Carve Off!!- (Voted on this at the meeting)

  • October 27th
  • The parking lot right behind Anderson Hall
  • At 5pm
  • Will be in teams based on who signed up and who else signs up (to split up the cost between the team)
  • We will have pizza and prizes for the winners!!


Our next meeting is October 22, 2013 in the Big 12 Room in the Union.




Polo Points System
Total points needed to earn polo = 10 points

ü  Meetings – 1 point/meeting

  • o   Missed meetings – write 10 personal notes or 20 Facebook interactions
    • §  Get names from Bill or Deana

ü  Week of Welcome (Fall and Spring) – 1 point/event

ü  Career Fair Fundraiser – 1 point/day

ü  Transfer Visit Days – 2 points/day

ü  Transfer Orientation and Enrollment – 2 points/day

ü  PTK Conference – 2 points/hour

ü  Partnership Day – 1 point/hour

ü  Leadership Day – 2 points/hour

ü  Social Events – 1 point/event attended

ü  Officer Meetings – 1 point/meeting

ü  Leadership Training Day – 1 point

ü  KSU Open House – 1 point

ü  Gift Mart – 1 point/day

  • o   Helping to bake – 1 point/item baked

ü  End of Year Banquet – 1 point


Leadership Day Information

Kansas State University is excited to offer a one-day leadership conference for transfer students from our Kansas community colleges and technical institutions!  We are looking for nominations from advisors, faculty and staff of current or emerging leaders on your campus to participate in this inaugural event.

Participants will hear from various leadership groups at K-State as well as participate in the StrengthsQuest program.  K-State has partnered with Gallup to become a strengths based campus in effort to increase student retention, engagement, and the overall well-being of our undergraduate students.  This is an opportunity we want to share with your student leaders to help them explore their top five strengths while providing ideas on how they can leverage their strengths to overcome challenges and reach their own personal academic and vocational goals.

You can nominate an individual or a group for this conference, as a part of the day will include workshops on how to bring the StrenthsQuest concepts back to your individual campus or leadership group.  We just ask that each nominee submit a registration form and pay the $15 fee for the StrengthsQuest code, materials and lunch.  Advisors are welcome to attend as well for the same $15 registration fee.

We also ask that you share this registration link only with the individuals you intend to nominate.  We would prefer this to not be broadcast in a mass email or posted in announcements to the entire campus.

Event details
Friday, November 15
K-State Student Union
9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (check-in, program, lunch, additional StrengthsQuest workshops, optional campus tour)

To register, go to:

Contact Deana Core or Bill Disberger