Meeting Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

November 6, 2012 8:30 p.m.

Union Room 207

In attendance:  Liz Stasiewicz, Angie Zandt, Elizabeth Forsyth, Caitlin Matile, Jacelyn Hejtmanek, Stephanie Hope, Stevie St. Clair, Zach Salvestro, Mariah Woolsoncroft, Austin Cederberg, Jordan Sterling, Morgan Grimmett, Melissa Bekemeyer, Angela Glean, Sarah Loughridge, Kelsey Darnell, Austin James, Bill Disberger


  • Rock-It Bowl
    • Sunday, December 2
    • 9 p.m. – 11.m. in Student Union Recreation Center
    • Cosmic bowling, pool tables, etc.
    • We received $250 from SGA to host this event for all transfer students FREE of charge; however, if any other students show up to the event, we are obligated to let them participate because we received these funds from SGA.
    • There will be a survey available for transfer students to fill out about their transfer experience. The completion of the survey will allow them to sign up for giveaway prizes!


  • Gift Mart
    • We made $72.50 profit from only our baked goods table!
    • That does not include any of the donations from vendors or the LOCAL fundraiser.
    • We want to host another Gift Mart in April, in time for Mother’s Day and graduation.
      • Please check your calendar by next meeting for any days the week of April 15th that you think would be a good day to host this event.
  • Committee chaired by Sarah, Liz and Angie signed up to assist Sarah.


  • Transfer Orientation and Enrollment
    • Wednesday, November 14
    • Sign up for various times – contact Bill or Deana if you didn’t get a chance to sign up at the meeting and want to help.


  • T-Shirts and Dues
    • You must pay semester dues in order to purchase a t-shirt!
    • Dues are $5 per semester or $10 for the year.
    • The t-shirts that were pre-ordered are $10.
    • Please drop by 119 Anderson to pay your dues/t-shirts by Friday, November 9.
    • Bill hopes that the t-shirts will be ready by next week, and he will send out an email as soon as those are available to pick up.


  • Spring Week of Welcome
    • Putting together a new Week of Welcome for the spring semester. We want to tailor this week to help new transfer students.
    • Ideas for activities:
      • Academic evening – tour of Hale Library, Career and Employment Services, other academic programs.
      • Activities Carnival
      • Non-academic services  hosted at Recreation Center – tutoring, CES, Powercat Financial Counseling, Leadership Studies, college ambassadors, Financial Aid, Lafene, Rec Services, Greek life, honors programs, study abroad, Union Program Council, Union Ambassadors.


  • Next Meeting (Last meeting for the semester!)
    • November 27, 8:30 p.m.
    • Union room 207