Meeting Minutes March 11, 2014

Transfer Ambassador Program

Cottonwood Room

March 11, 2014 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Baleigh Barnthouse, Colin Barr, Jolie Butler, Lindsey Campbell, Briana Carillo, Katy Fallon, Nicole Fiorentino, Michelle George, Angela Glean, Kiah Gourley, Morgan Grimmett, Leah Hill, Cody Hollister, Haley  Lively, Piper McCord, Ashleigh Ollendieck, Sarah Potter, Austin Schlager, Michaela Simmelink, Katie Tieben, Elizabeth White, Shelby McIntosh, and Jordan Perriman.


We started off by asking if anyone went to the Leadership Workshops and Haley said she did and told a little about the Planning meetings and activities. She says if you want more information about that workshop, then shoot her an email and she will gladly give you more information.


We also did a team building activity half way through our meeting. This time we split up into two groups and had everyone place a hand on the rope that also had knots in it. We could not lift our hand touching the rope, but had to undo all the knots in that rope.


New Business:


Orientation and Enrollment is going to be on April 22 and 23. We will need people to work the event. We will have a check-in, have people walking a group to their scheduled meetings and an afternoon session. We will have more about signing up later, but keep these dates in mind. Also if you know you are free then you may email Bill about what times you are free.


Summer Orientation and Enrollment is going to be June 11th. If you know you are free, then keep that date in mind also. We will need people to work and it will be the same set up as the April enrollments.


Bake Sale is going to be April 17th and we signed up at the meeting for times we could work. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up and want to help work or make food please email Briana about that. The times she has set up for working are 8:30-10:30, 10:30-12:30, 12:30-2:30, 2:30 is then clean up. Again there is a list of items we cannot make, so make sure you check that list. Last the committee is looking for people to donate wax paper, corks, paint, foil, small cans, scrap paper, and anything else you can think of.


End of Year Activity we talked about going paintballing and everyone seemed to want to do that. Also we recognize anyone that has been a great influence for transfer students, so if you would like to nominate anyone please email Bill or Deana about that.  If you have any other ideas of activities to do for our group activity then email Chris please.


Officer Information-

  • Anne-  Point System as usual. If you want to know your points shoot me an email and I will let you know.  Also please keep me updated, since I do not always know who works what.
  • Chris – End of year party, so any ideas email him.
  • Colin- T-shirts we gave out at meeting if you bought one and were there. You may order one if you did not get one and may also order a polo
  • Morgan- Had a great volunteer activity but was on a day that a lot of other events were going on, she will look into another date.


Bill- Open House we will have a transfer event that day, and if you are available and would like to help shoot him an email. Be active on the Facebook page, because we are going to have a lot of questions coming in that Bill or Deana might not be able to answer and they will ask them there. Please share good experiences!


We will elect the President for the next year on April 8th but nominations will be during the March 25th meeting.


Next Meeting March 25th, location TBA.