Meeting Minutes March 25, 2014

Transfer Ambassador Program

Flinthills Room

March 25, 2014 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Briana Carillo, Katy Fallon, Anne Elpers, Erica Giankon, Leah Hill, Dana Johnson, Haley Lively, Shelby McInbosh, Josh Murphy, Aaron Neely, Jordan Perriman, Austin Schlager, Michaela Simmelink,Katie Tieben, Angela Glean, Sarah Potter and Elizabeth White.


Leadership Workshop Update:

Angela Glean went to one of them and it as called Creating Cohesiveness. She shared a little about what it was about and how it was a great workshop.


Bake Sale:

It is April 17th and we will be selling crafts and baked items. Please sign up to make food, because we need some more. We will go over chalking in the April 8th meeting. Look for Briana’s email with update information. We are having a crafting night on April 2nd from 7-9 at Briana’s apartment.


Presidential Race:

We nominated people to run and we have a pretty big race this year. The people who are running are Aaron Neely, Briana Carillo, Haley Lively, Colin Barr, Tyler Davis, and Anne Elpers. If you were not at the meeting and would like to run please email Sarah for more information. If you are running please email the list serve with a paragraph of why you would make a good president for our club this next year. Please have that email sent before Friday the 4th.  Please come to the meeting because we will be voting and we need everyone there because your vote does count!


Social Events:

We are having an end of year party and also another get together where we will be eating. We will do paint balling for the party and we are looking into place to eat for the other one. At the dinner get together we will recognize people who have helped transfer students the most. The people we mentioned at the meeting was Mike Finnigan, Julia Thornton, Lisa Last, and Jainie Sackrider. If you have anyone else you would like to nominate please let Sarah know.


Leah: Talked about promoting upcoming events and that if you have any ideas for methods of doing that let her know.

Anne: Point System. Please let me know when you guys do events because I do not always know when people do things.


Haley Lively is planning Leadership Day in the fall and if you want to help let her know.


Anyone graduating in May or leaving for any reason please let us know.



Open House is April 5th need a few to work it from 11-noon

Next Meeting is April 8th and we will be voting for our next president

April 22nd and 23rd is enrollment and orientation we will talk more about it later

June 11th is summer enrollment an dorientation