January 28, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program


January 28, 2014 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Chris Brettell, Baleigh Barnthouse, Colin Barr, Parker Cameron, Briana Carillo, Kelsey Couture, Tyler Davis, Anne Elpers, Katy Fallon, Nicole Fiorentine, Suzy Fowler, Erica Giankon, Kiah Gourley, Leah Hill, Cody Hollister, Erin Lichter, Haley Lively, Piper McCord, Josh Murphy, Ashleigh Ollendieck, Lindsey Pease, Sarah Potter, Michaela Simmelink, Elizabeth White, Laura Wilson, Brandon Young, Austin Schlager, and Andrew Koster.


We met two new members right away at the beginning. Their names were Austin and Andrew.


Old Business:


Week of Welcome-

  • Everyone that was there said it was great!
  • Shout out to Leah for posting and emailing, trying to get people to come


New Business:


Gift Mart-

  • From everyone that was there they said it was good and there was lots of stuff
  • For the spring we talked about just dong a bake sale and craft sale, crafts done by us.
  • We had a motion and a second and the motion was passed
  • We then asked for a committee and a chairman and Briana Carillo is our chairman and our committee is Lindsey Pease and Kelsey Couture

Leadership Work Shops-

  • Sara sent out an email about them so please check your emails and if you cannot find it please email Sara.
  • We would like to have someone at every single one representing our group

Week of Welcome-

  • We have been asked to take over the spring version, it is not official yet!
  • We talked it over as a group about what it would take, had a motion and a second and it was passed that if we could we would official take over the spring week of welcome
  • We will make a committee for that and they will get started right away, if you would like to be on the committee please come to the next meeting because we will make the committee then and they will meet after the meeting


Other Information:


Social event-

  • We decided that having one meeting a month and then a social event during the other meeting was a good idea for our group


Officer Information-

  • Anne-  Point System many of you have your points and many of you I do not have all of your information. If you could please contact me letting me know what you have participated in most recently that would be great. 
  • Erica- Just wants pictures from anyone who takes pictures during events, so she can post them on our Facebook and Twitter
  • Leah- Thank you for everyone that helped
  • Chris – if you have an idea for a social event let him know
  • Colin- t-shirts are coming, we had an ordering issue with them. Can by more for $10 and if you want polo he will get back with us on the price of those. We will be ordering again in the spring. Also dues are $5
  • Morgan- asked about the soup kitchen and we all said we would do it again


-Gift Mart committee met for a little bit after the meeting

-Make sure you attend the next few meetings because we will be ironing out a lot of details



Next Meeting February 11th at 8pm in the Union Flinthills Room