Meeting Minutes February 11, 2014

Transfer Ambassador Program

Flint Hills Room

February 11, 2014 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Chris Brettell, Baleigh Barnthouse, Colin Barr, Briana Carillo, Krystal Collier, Kelsey Couture, Anne Elpers, Katy Fallon, Nicole Fiorentine, Erica Giankon, Morgan Grimmett, Leah Hill, Hayley Lively, Piper McCord, Aaron Neely, Ashleigh Ollentieck, Sarah Potter, Michaela Simmelink, Elizabeth White, Laura Wilson, Mayra Sanchez, Lindsey Campbell.


We had the Kays and Kennedy Campaign talk to us at the beginning of our meeting. Just a summary of what they talked about was their campaign this year, which is Your Education, Your Passion and Your Life. A brief summary of each:

Your Education - they will ensure all students can be successful by streamlining the current tutoring system. With a more centralized tutoring program equipped with enhanced technology and accessibility, all students will have the opportunity to succeed academically.

Your Passion - through fostering the implementation of OrgSync, a software that facilitates engagement between students and campus organizations and provides services like event and money management, we provide students the best opportunity to discover and pursue their passions.

Your Life by calling for the passage of a medical amnesty law, which gives students the ability to call for medical help in emergency situations without fearing alcohol-related penalties, we will help keep students safe.

The primary election is February 25-26 and the general election is March 4-5. If this is someone that you would like to see as our president and vice president, then you can vote for them at


Old Business:


Bake Sale/Craft Sale-

  • They are looking at April 17th, 2nd week on a Thursday
  • If they do not get that day they will email all of us and let us know what day it is actually on
  • If you have any ideas for crafts or have supplies you would like to donate contact Briana Carillo (she is the chair for this committee)
  • They are looking at doing a craft night


Social Update

  • Chris is looking into the rock climbing more for belaying classes
  •  He is trying to schedule a time to do it as a group, but if you want you can go get certified on your own within the next two weeks
  • We will be doing rock climbing instead of a meeting on February 25th


We are waiting on more information on Week of Welcome 


Officer Information-

  • Anne-  Point System as usual. If you want to know your points shoot me an email and I will let you know.
  • Erica-  she is working on the contact info. Let her know if you are not on there
  • Chris – rock climbing info
  • Colin- t-shirts are coming, he will send an email about polos. Please email him back if you need/want one
  • Morgan- getting more info about the Bread Basket, look for an email



Next Meeting February 25th at the Rec and we will be Rock Climbing. Wear appropriate shoes if you are going to rock climb. If you are not still come it will be fun to watch all the people.