April 8 Meeting Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

Flint Hills Room

April 8, 2014 at 8:00pm


Attendance this meeting was: Chirs Brettell, Colin Barr, Kelsey Couture, Anne Elpers, Katy Fallon, Suzy Fowler, Michelle George, Erica Giankon, Angela Glean, Leah Hill, Dana Johnson, Haley Lively, Shelby McInbosh, Aaron Neely, Ashleigh Ollendieck, Jordan Perriman, Sarah Potter, Austin Schlager, Michaela Simmelink, and Elizabeth White.


Guest Speaker:

Relay for Life- The date of the event is april 25th from 6pm to 12am. Jessica Van Ranken spoke a little about it, but if you would like to participate or have any questions please contact her at 785-212-0729 or at jvanran@ksu.edu. Also you can reregister a survivor or walk for one that cannot make it either!


Open House:

The people who went said it was awesome and had a great time. Made many connections with other professors or people who showed up for it. If you met anyone and would like to write a thank you note to anyone, please like Deana know, she still has the names.


Bake Sale:

Showed a candle of what we are selling. What is going to happen is that we are going to have some on display and then take orders and then later we will have a craft night to make the orders. We will be selling the big candles for $6 and the tea lights for $0.50. You should have gotten emails about chalking and hanging up posters. Can bring your food to Bill/Deana’s office by 5pm on Wednesday or by 8am on Thursday morning.


Orientation and Enrollment:

It is April 22nd and 23rd. Sarah sent out an email about signing up. We will have registration from 7:15-9:30, walking of schedules from 10-10:30 and a K-booth too. Please check your email to sign up to help and email Sarah back this week!


End of Year Party!:

We talked it through and voted, we are having the banquet on April 30th at El Tapatio. If you nominated someone please formally invite them to this event. If they cannot go that is fine, but we would like them here. The nominated people again are, Mike Finnigan, Julia Thornton, Lisa Last, and Jainia Sackrider. Please dress up for this banquet and be respectful with your clothes! The address for El Tapatio is 2605 Stagg Hill Rd for those of you that do not know where it is.


For our fun event we are going to have a bonfire and great food on May 2nd. It will start at 6pm and the location is TBA. It is going to be a blast!!



Morgan- we cannot get something arranged before the end of the year, but if anyone would like to know all the contact information that she has for all the places please shoot her an email.

Anne- point system

Deana- Orb-syc is this new thing that TAP is participating in. We will have to play around with it to figure it out, but it should be a great asset to our club.

Haley- Leadership Day next year. If you would like to help her plan that please email her. She is starting to plan now and needs help.

Deana is going to rewrite the leadership day promo for all the people we will invite next year!



We voted at the meeting and our new president is Aaron Neely! Congratulation!


That was our last formal meeting. We have two social events coming up and hopefully everyone can make it. If not see you next year!