Meeting minutes

August 28, 2012

8 p.m., K-State Student Union, Room 206

Transfer Ambassador Program Meeting

Student Union, Room 206

August 28, 2012 8:00 p.m.


In attendance:

Devin Amos, Deedra Richard, Melissa Bekemeyer, Brittany Martin, Angela Glean, Lucero Chavira, Zach May, Mariah Woolsoncroft, Erin Lichter, Morgan Grimmett, Jacelyn Hejtmanek, Dustin Aherin, Zach Salvestro, Jordan Sterling, Kyle Koerner, Sarah Loughridge, Kiah Gourley, Liz Stasiewicz, Angie Zandt                  Ashtynn Braden, Austin Cederberg, Katie Kohman, Kinzie Selke, Kent Robert, Thatcher Keast, Kelsey Darnell, Bailey Boomhower, Austin James                Bill Disberger and Deana Core


  • Introduction of advisors, president, members
    • Co-advisors are Deana Core and Bill Disberger.
    • President is Austin James.


  • Description of Transfer Ambassador Program (TAP)
    • Our motto:  Serving the unique needs of transfer students by providing a comfortable transition to life at K-State.
    • TAP is basically a group of transfer students to K-State that want to help other transfer students ease into life at K-State by answering questions for them, offering assistance, and building a social community.


  • Dues
    • Member dues are $5 per semester or $10 for the year.
    • You can pay by semester, or if you know you’ll continue to be in TAP in the spring you can pay the total amount this semester.
    • Dues could be used for an end-of-semester party, t-shirts, etc.


  • Fundraising
    • We have applied to help at the All-University Career Fair held on September 18 and 19 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • If we are selected to help, we have a potential of making up to $400 if we work a total of 40 hours as a group.
    • Volunteers can come for a block of time between classes.
    • Volunteers will be assigned a duty when they show up. It could be delivering refreshments, helping to tear down or set up, standing in for an employer during their lunch breaks, etc.
    • Women should wear a nice blouse, men should wear a polo; nice jeans or khakis, no shorts.
    • A sign-up sheet was passed around at the meeting, and it looks like we will have no problem reaching our 40-hour goal. As soon as Austin gets word that we were in fact selected to help, we will send out an email and instructions for registering your availability with Career and Employment Services.


  • Training
    • There will be several opportunities for new members to take part in some training for TAP; some training will be during meeting times.
    • We want you to be comfortable with talking to potential or future K-State students, learning the K-State language, how to present yourself, teamwork, etc.
    • This will help prepare you for Transfer Orientation & Enrollment days, Transfer Visit days, and other campus events.
    • More info will be provided in the future.


  • “Like” our Facebook page!
    • Post anything new you learn about K-State, helpful hints for other students, ask any questions, and reply to others’ questions.
    • Search for K-State Transfer Ambassadors.


  • Future event idea
    • It would only cost $300 to rent out the whole Union recreation center, including cosmic bowling with shoe rental, billiard tables, etc.
    • We would invite all transfer students to this event, not just TAP members.
    • Any other event ideas are welcome, so post them on our Facebook page or save them for the next meeting.


  • Officer elections
    • Officer elections will be held at our next meeting on September 11, 2012.
    • If you are interested in vice president, secretary, treasurer, or social media coordinator please apply.
    • I have attached the duty descriptions for each office as well as the officer application.
    • Please have your application submitted to Anderson 119 (to Bill or Deana) by September 10, so that they have time to review the applications and determine that you meet the requirements to hold an office.
    • Also, please have a short speech prepared for elections basically stating why you are running for the office, etc.


  • Please see the attachment for important dates for TAP. I have highlighted days that we will need volunteers to help with various events, so go ahead and mark those on your calendar. Sign-up sheets will be provided as those dates get closer.


  • Homework


  • Make sure you like our Facebook page, and post a place on campus that you can get tutoring. Don’t worry if there are repeats.


  • Next meeting will be September 11, 2012 at 8:00 in Union Staterooms 2 & 3.