Meeting minutes

April 17, 2012

8 p.m., K-State Student Union, Room 205

In attendance:

Deana Core, Hannah Voelker, Kelsey Darnell, Jordan Sterling, Jessica Giannina, Bethany Cornwell, Austin James, Stevie St. Clair, Morgan Grimmett, Cassie Sims, Sarah Loughridge, Austin Cederberg

  • Open House, this Saturday, April 21
    • Group signed up for first shift on Saturday will set up our table that morning (before 9).
    • Austin James will pick up display board from Deana and Bill’s office on Thursday.
    • We could still use one more volunteer noon-3:00 or 3:30; email Kelsey or Hannah if you want to sign up.
  • Transfer Reception, this Saturday, April 21, 10:30-12:00
    • Will be located in the Flint Hills Room, 2nd floor.
    • If you signed up for the reception, meet at the TAP table and we will walk up together to the reception.
  • Transfer Orientation and Enrollment Days, Monday-Tuesday, April 23-24
    • Hannah will email schedule of when Kiley Moody needs us to work, based on the times you wrote down originally when you signed up.
    • Kiley mentioned she needs several more people to sign up if possible for 7:15 a.m.-9:30 a.m. both days. Please email Kelsey or Hannah if you are able to volunteer then.
  • Attire for Open House/Transfer O & E Days
    • Wear nice jeans or shorts, nice purple K-State tee (not faded, ripped).
    • Wear proper walking shoes on Transfer O & E Days.
    • Nametags will be provided.
  • Kiley Moody presentation:
    • Approach all events as recruiting opportunity – represent K-State positively, put individual touch on things (ask specific questions about each individual).
    • Be truthful and honest – if you don’t know an answer, just ask and find information that the student is seeking.
    • Always wear purple, people think of us as K-State.
    • When someone looks lost or confused ask, “Can I help you find something?” This is a good conversation starter and you it’s a nice way offer help.
    • Read over list of activities going on and where colleges are located before Open House.
  • President Election
    • Austin James was our only candidate and is our official 2012-2013 president. Congratulations, Austin!
  • Upcoming meeting
    • This was our last official meeting, but we decided to have a fun activity night before the end of the semester.
    • Tuesday, May 1 at 7:00 at the Union Bowling Alley.
    • TAP dues will pay for bowling, so no extra cost for you; you can buy food and drinks at your own expense.