Meeting minutes

March 27, 2012

8:00 p.m., K-State Student Union, Room 205

In attendance:

Deana Core, Bill Disberger, Hannah Voelker, Kelsey Darnell, Morgan Grimmett, Bethany Cornwell, Jessica Giannina, Jordan Sterling, Austin James, Cassie Sims, Austin Cederberg, Amara Giersch, Stevie St. Clair, Sarah Loughridge

  • Open House – Saturday, April 21
  • Transfer Orientation and Enrollment Days – Monday and Tuesday, April 23 and 24
  • Logo – voted on top three designs we like, will send those to marketing to get a final decision on a logo that we can use.
  • President applications
    • Hannah emailed an application for president for next school year.
    • Complete the application if interested and email to Deana or Bill or bring to the next meeting.
    • We will vote for president next week, if you choose to apply for the position you need to be at the next meeting.
  • Members voted on officer requirements
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Be a full-time student
    • Attend 75% of meetings/events per semester
    • If an officer fails to meet the requirements, a new officer will be elected at semester to replace them.
    • Please keep these in mind if you are considering applying for president or another office position in the fall.
  • Transfer Student List – Thanks to Austin James for taking the initiative!
    • Austin got us a list of all transfer students currently enrolled – about 1800+ names.
    • Ideas to get these transfer students involved:
      • Invite them to a social
      • Have an open house at each college/meet and greet
      • Calculate statistics to put on our website (% in each college, majors, etc.)
      • Invite them to "like" our Facebook page
        • We can start posting weekly updates about something relevant to transfer students (scholarship deadline, last day to drop a class, campus events, etc.)
        • We don’t want to invite all 1800 students to come to our meetings since we don’t have room, aren’t completely up and running and organized, and we want to be selective.
  • Shadow opportunity
    • Student from Denver is coming to K-State for Transfer Orientation and Enrollment Day. She would like to shadow one of us April 24.
    • Some members volunteered for this. If you signed up, please check your email for communication from Deana if you were chosen to do this.
  • Admissions Office position open (Hannah Voelker’s job) for summer & next school year
    • If you are interested, please send resume to Bill by April 17.
    • Need to be available to work during the summer so Hannah can train you, can be full time (40 hours).
    • Mostly transfer equivalency work on the computer, use HTML. Don’t necessarily have to know HTML beforehand.
    • Can work up to 30 hours when enrolled in classes, flexible hours.
  • Role Playing Scenarios
    • Bill made up common scenarios/questions that transfer or new students ask about K-State pertaining to Fake Patty’s, residence halls, parking, Greek life, sports tickets, etc.
    • We practiced proper responses to these questions.
  • Upcoming Meetings
    • April 3
    • April 17
    • It's really important you're at these next meetings. We will have signups for Transfer O & E Days and Open House. We will need a lot of help! Also, Bill is working on more programs for these meetings, should be fun!