Meeting Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

Union Room 207

February 12, 2013 6:30 p.m.


In attendance: Blake Duden, Yojana Mendoza, Daniela Guereca, Elizabeth White, Stevie St. Clair, Zach Salvestro, Angela Glean, Melissa Bekemeyer, Yuda Ou, Sarah Potter, Kelsey Darnell, Austin James, Deana Core, Bill Disberger

  • Gift Mart – Tuesday, April 16
    • Union Courtyard, 8 am- 5 pm
    • So far have Mary Kay and Scentsy confirmed
    • Gift Mart committee – Austin James, Sarah Loughridge, Melissa Bekemeyer, Deana Core
      • Give the committee any contact information for potential vendors you know of
  • Could also have a TAP table like last time  with baked good, miscellaneous homemade items for sale


  • Potential Social Events
    • Social Event Committee – Liz Stasiewicz, Angie Zandt, Morgan Grimmett?
    • Group session for rock wall
    • Movie night
    • Game night at Varsity Donuts


  • LOCAL fundraiser
    • Austin has applied for a date for another fundraising night at LOCAL


  • End of Semester Banquet
    • Banquet to recognize faculty for helping in transfer recruitment
    • Send nominations to Austin
    • Looking at date for last week of April
    • Maybe $15 per person


  • Ambassador of the Semester
    • New idea to honor outstanding ambassador!


  • 2013-2014 Officers
    • Elections will be held in April for next year’s officers


  • Listserv
    • Keep in mind that when you reply to an email sent to the TAP listerv, your email goes to everyone on the listserv!
    • If you need to reply to the sender, please hit reply to the email, then edit the “To” line so it no longer includes PTK/TAP listserv.