April 23 Minutes

Transfer Ambassador Program

Union Room 209

April 23, 2013 8:00 p.m.


In attendance: Melissa Bekemeyer, Kiah Gourley, Suzy Fowler, Sarah Potter, Stevie St. Clair, Elizabeth White, Kelsey Darnell, Sarah Loughridge, Austin James, Deana Core, Bill Disberger

  • Julie Wright from Hale Library led a group discussion on how to reach transfer students and provide them information about the library
    • o   If you have any suggestions, please email her at jkwright@ksu.edu


  • Gift Mart Proceeds
    • o   Made $72 from our bake sale table, $300 from vendor booth fees
    • o   Paid $140 to rent Union Courtyard
    • o   Net profit of $232


  • Open House, Transfer Orientation & Enrollment
    • o   Thank you all for volunteering your time to talk to transfer students and families!


  • End of Year Banquet – Thursday, May 2 at 6:30 pm
    • o   Will be at JP’s in Jardine complex, on the corner of Denison Ave. and Jardine Dr.
    • o   Casual dress
    • o   TAP will pay for your meal, no cost to members – Please see attached menu
    • o   If you would like to bring a non-member guest, it will be $10 at the door to cover their meal
    • o   If you bring a guest that is an eligible transfer student and wants to join TAP, bring the completed member application for them and $5 dues for the semester, then TAP will pay for their meal
    • o    We will invite three staff/faculty from around campus that have helped transfer students and recognize them at this event
    • o   Please RSVP to Kelsey by Tuesday, April 30


  • Officer Elections
    • o   Our new 2013-2014 TAP President is Sarah Potter. Congratulations!
    • o   Our 2013-2014 Outreach Chair is Kiah Gourley. Congratulations!
    • o   All other officers will be elected at the beginning of the fall semester


  • Be thinking about what days/times will work for your schedule next year for TAP meetings.