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Transfer Ambassador Program

Kylie Lieber


Osage City, KS

Bakery Science, Cereal Chemistry option

Year in School

Where you transferred from
Coffeyville Community College

Favorite K-State place to hangout/study
The Swanson resource room in Shellenberger Hall. It's quiet and not crowded so I tend to get stuff done.

Best advice for new transfer students
Be prepared for much harder classes! Go in and talk to your teachers if you're struggling to adjust because most are willing to help out.

Why you picked K-State
I've been a die-hard K-State fan since I could walk and intended going here right after graduating high school, but I was offered a volleyball scholarship at Coffeyville and figured going there was the best option financially.

"As a new student, I wish I had known..." that you can't slack off near as much at a school like K-State. At a CC, I used to study 30 minutes before a test and would be fine. That doesn't work up here. You have to study for days, even weeks, before the test arrives.