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Transfer Ambassador Program

Suzy Q. Fowler


Lee's Summit, Missouri

Animal Science

Year in school

Where you transferred from
Longview Community College

Favorite K-State place to hangout/study
My dorm room!

Best advice for new transfer students
Put yourself out there! Talk to your professors, introduce yourself to students, and try new things. You may have less time at K-State than most students, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on anything.

Why you picked K-State
Senior year I became frustrated that there was no school I "clicked" with. Frustration grew when the schools I looked into had few resources for transfer students. Since I knew I would be transferring, I began to become worried about my life after community college. My mom talked me into touring K-State, and it felt like home! I cannot imagine myself anywhere else.

"As a new student, I wish I had known..." how to better utilize Hale Library. Because just the size of the building intimidated me I have only been there a handful of times. One thing I plan on doing this semester is taking more advantage of this tool!