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Study Abroad

Get Involved

Connect with international and study abroad students for social and service activities.

International Buddies

International Buddies pairs up incoming international students with domestic students to learn about each others’ cultures and foster global connections. Visit Buddies’ website.

International Coordinating Council

The International Coordinating Council (ICC) fosters relations among international and domestic students through social events that seek unity among diversity. Visit ICC’s website for information.

International Student and Scholar Services

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) offers resources and sponsors events throughout the year around campus and at the International Student Center (ISC), such as Basic Language Training and the Coffee Hour series. Visit ISSS’s website for information.

Study Abroad Advocates

Study Abroad Advocates (SAA) promotes studying abroad to current and future students of the College of Business Administration. Its goal is to educate all business students about the advantages of studying abroad and help them with any questions or concerns that they may have. Visit SAA’s website or contact Swinder Janda (swinder@k-state.edu) for information.

Study Abroad Mentors

Study Abroad Mentors (SAM) brings together returned study abroad, international exchange, and prospective study abroad students for social activities and service projects. Visit SAM’s website or contact a Study Abroad Peer Advisor at overseas@k-state.edu for information.

Download the International Activities at K-State Flyer (PDF)

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