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K-State StrengthsQuest™ Champions

Strengths Champions are university faculty, staff and students who have completed a strengths educator session, MAPS coaching session, or worked through a strengths workshop with their department or office.  Strengths Champions are committed to integrating strengths into the work they do to create positive learning evironments. 

During the fall of 2012 and Spring of 2013, over 30 in-house strengths trainins sessions were facilitated across campus

  • Strengths has a strong precense at both orientation and enrollment parent sessions and the afternoon browsing fair
  • Strengths has been integrated in Scholarship days (recruitment event for high ability and high achieving prospective students)
  • We hosted 4 Strengths Educator Sessions on campus and 2 MAPS training (Advanced Training Session)
    • In the last year, over 100 faculty and staff have completed an educator training session
    • In the last year, approximately 40 faculty and staff have completed an MAPS training session
    • Undergraduate students have attended and experienced the same level of training as K-State faculty and staff
    • K-State Salina incorporated a strengths educator for their entire faculty and staff during their fall 2012 retreat. 


Strengths Challenge:

1.  Incorporate strengths into our typical campus introductions.  We tend to default to name, major, and hometown when meeting new people across campus.  Why not go one step further and ask, "What are your top five strengths?"  Let's see if this simple question can generate more positive and engaging conversations across campus on how we leverage our strengths in the work we do.