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Strengths Advocates (Student Organization)

The Strengths Advocates are a group of active students advocating the integration Gallup Strengths™ and the development of strengths across K-State's campus to mobilize students, faculty, and administration both in and out of the classroom.

If you would like to get involved or just want more information, feel free to contact Leah Baus at lbaus@ksu.edu.


Strengths Advocates Time Line

Strengths Advocates Student Organization:

  1. Became a registered student organization spring of 2012
  2. Had a presence at the fall and spring activities carnival, open house, and orientation and enrollment
  3. Secured $1,500 from SGA to bring Tom Matson from Gallup to facilitate a two day strengths leadership conference for undergraduate students
    1. 52 undergraduate students attended the two evening workshop and represented over 20 different student organizations
  4. First ever strengths week was created on campus (Feb. 4 – 8th)
  5. Dr. Emily Lehning (Faculty/Staff) and Ben Harstine (Undergraduate Student) were named strengths champions of the year for their contributions to move the strengths initiative forward.
  6. Shane Lopez, the leading researcher on hope came to campus to present his research on Hope and promote his book, Making Hope Happen. 
  7. The strengths advocates received national press on their work with the K-State Strengths Debate focused around the Student Body Presidential Campaigns. 

New officers were recently elected and the student organization has over twenty members .  About one dozen regularly attend meetings.

Strengths Advocates spring schedule for meetings and events:  Comming Soon