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Getting Started

All incoming freshmen, transfer, and international students will find their free StrengthsFinder access code in their KSIS account after completing orientation and enrollment. If you have any difficulties locating your code, contact us at strengthsquest@k-state.edu.

To start your K-State Strengths journey:

1. Sign in using KSIS

Sign in using KSIS

2. From the Navigation Bar, Select: Self Service → Student Success → StrengthsQuest

KSIS Navigation For Strengths

3. Highlight and copy your StrengthsFinder access code from KSIS

Highlight and copy your access code

4. Navigate to Gallup's website

5. Paste your access code and discover your strengths! 

Paste your access code

(Note: Laptop-users will need to disable pop-up blockers in order to retrieve Signature Theme Report)