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Strengths Week

Monday, February 3rd

  • Strong Organizations – 4 -5 pm, Student Union Flint Hills Room
    Hear about Union Program Council becoming a Strengths-based organization and how they have utilized strengths to plan more than 180 events each year. Session will conclude with two round table discussions for student leaders and advisors to brainstorm ideas on how to effectively incorporate Strengths. 
  • Your Team Puzzle – 7:30-8:30 pm, Student Union room 227
    Energize your organization by teaming with Assistant Dean Scott Jones to understanding how you and your teammate’s strengths work together to accomplish goals!

Tuesday, February 4th

  • Your Strengths: Inside and Outside the Classroom– 1-2 pm, Student Union 227
    Discover strategies with advisor Lisa Last for using your strengths for academic success, as well as in your daily life.
  • Strengthen Your Connections – 4 -5 pm, Student Union Big 12 Room
    Learn  from Career and Employment Services how to apply your strengths to a resume and how to share strengths during job interviews.

Wednesday, February 5th

  • Majors, Minors, & Strengths – 12-4 pm, ACIC Holton Hall 14
    Stop by ACIC and visit with a career specialist to explore how your strengths can connect with majors and more at K-State!
  • Leadership StrengthsQuest – 4-9 pm, Leadership Studies Town Hall
    Grow your knowledge of strengths during a unique workshop with Tom Matson, Gallup’s Senior Specialist’s. Please RSVP for both nights for FREE at http://www.k-state.edu/strengths/events/

Thursday, February 6th

  • Connecting Others– 12-1 pm, Leadership Studies 111
    Wondering how to engage all members of your organization or group? Mike Finnegan and Tamara Bauer leadership studies professors will share some methods to activate others through utilizing strengths.
  • Leadership StrengthsQuest - 4-9 pm, Leadership Studies Town Hall
    Second night of Tom Matson’s workshop on activating your strengths

Friday, February 7th

  • Strengths Reception – 11:30-1:00 pm, Leadership Studies 123
    Come celebrate a successful year of integrating strengths on our campus and be a part of recognizing the Strengths Champions of 2013-2014!