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Sigma Tau Delta

Membership & Benefits

Student Membership

In order to obtain student membership for Sigma Tau Delta we require each of the following:

  • Be at least of Sophomore standing
  • Be in the top 1/3 of your class
  • Have at least a 3.0 in English courses
  • Have completed at least 9 hours of English courses
  • Pay a $40 one-time entry fee
Associate Membership
  • Undergraduates who do not meet the criteria for full membership, but wish to be members of the Chapter, may become associate members after declaring a major or minor in English. Candidates for associate members must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in general scholarship (if they have completed college course work). Associate Members may remain at the associate level of membership for no more than 3 semesters before they must apply for full membership.

Please fill out the form below and turn the completed form and check to the mailbox of Naomi Wood located in 119 English Counseling Services

Sigma Tau Delta Membership Form

Benefits of Student Membership

Along with lifetime membership and the ability to personally and professionally grow as an individual with a passion for English, you will also gain the following:
  • May vote and hold chapter or an international office;
  • May be published in Sigma Tau Delta journals;
  • May attend chapter, regional or international meetings and conventions and make presentations;
  • May serve on chapter, regional, or international committees;
  • Are eligible to compete for scholarships and awards offered both by the chapter and the international organization;
  • Internship opportunities with Penguin Group and Better World Books;
  • Can apply for scholarships and awards, many of which award members $1,000-$4,000;
  • And more.
Benefits of Associate Membership
  • Associate members may attend chapter, regional or international meetings and conventions.
  • Associate members may serve on chapter committees.
  • Associate members are eligible to compete for scholarships and awards offered by the chapter.

Faculty Membership

Faculty may obtain membership if holding a degree in English. No membership fee is required. 
Faculty can attend meetings, annually-held conventions, and serve on committees and Boards. 
Although faculty are not permitted to submit essays to The Sigma Tau Delta and The Sigma Tau Delta 
Review, they are able to be guests at convention and participate as presenters for panels and sessions. 
For more information regarding Faculty Membership, you may refer to the Sigma Tau Delta National's page.