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Student Governing Association

Legislative Branch of SGA

The Legislative Branch is composed of elected student senators and committee members. In Student Senate, students determine how students’ money is allocated and establish policies for the K-State student body. Senate also votes on resolutions, the second type of legislation. Resolutions are non-binding legislations, such as supporting a city ordinance or commending the K-State football team.

Speaker of the Student Senate

Kurt Lockwood

The Speaker of the Student Senate serves as the chief executive of the legislative branch of SGA. The Speaker presides over the Student Senate and is responsible for chairing the SGA Executive Committee, and supervising the officers of the Student Senate. The speaker is nominated and elected by Student Senate and serves a one-year term.

Speaker Pro Tempore of the Student Senate

Jessica Van Ranken

The Speaker pro tempore of the Student Senate assumes the duties of the Speaker of the Student Senate upon the Speaker’s absence. The Speaker pro tempore also coordinates In-Touch and serves as the Chair of the Communications standing committee. Like the Speaker of Student Senate, the speaker pro tempore is also nominated and elected by Student Senate and serves a one-year term.

Officers of the Student Senate

The officers of the Student Senate include the Student Senate Secretary, the Student Senate Parliamentarian, and the Chairs of the Standing Committees.

Student Senate Standing Committees

There are six standing committees in Student Senate that specifically address areas of concern for the student body. Each student senator and intern serves on a standing committee. In committees, a bulk of the bills and resolutions are created among groups of SGA officials.

Standing Committees:

  • University Allocations
  • College Allocations
  • Student Engagement
  • Governmental Relations
  • Privilege Fee
  • Senate Operations

Student Senators

There are sixty elected members of Student Senate. Each college or school is represented by at least one Student Senator. Student Senators are duly elected for a term of one year from the main campus student body.