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Financial Aid Process

How do I get started?

Entering college is a maze of important dates and new experiences. Kansas State University’s Office of Student Financial Assistance, or OSFA, is here to help you and your parents navigate this new journey. Let’s get started!

Dates and events

September and October: Apply for admission and scholarships
  • New freshmen: The priority date for K-State scholarships is November 1. If students have already applied for admission to Kansas State University, but have not yet completed and submitted the K-State Scholarship application, it is available online
  • Transfer students: Students who will start in the spring semester should apply for scholarships by November 1. Students who will start in the fall semester should apply for scholarships by February 1. 
  • Search and apply for private scholarships via your local high school guidance counselor or online
  • Students can complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, as early as October 1
November through February: Apply for federal financial aid and establish designated access
  • All students should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. The K-State priority date to submit the FAFSA is March 1. K-State's federal school code is 001928.
  • Additional information may be needed to continue processing your financial aid. Review the To Do List within the Student Center in KSIS
  • Students may grant access to individuals, such as parents, to view their financial information on KSIS.
March and April: Accept financial aid and apply for state of Kansas scholarships
May: Complete all loan requirements
June: Report private scholarships and outside funding
  • All students are asked to complete and submit a Private Scholarships Form to report private scholarships from sources other than Kansas State University. All scholarships reported should include the student’s full name and Wildcat Identification Number.
July: View your K-State bill and sign up for direct deposit of financial aid
  • Students can view their K-State bill and anticipated financial aid through the Student Center in KSIS around mid-July.
  • Students and/or parents may sign up for direct deposit and have any remaining financial aid directly deposited into a personal bank account.
August: Pay your K-State bill by the first day of the fall term
  • Scholarships and/or financial aid are applied to students’ K-State bill before the fall academic term payment is due.
  • Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance if expecting other scholarships or financial aid to arrive after the K-State bill payment due date.
  • Students are encouraged to utilize remaining financial aid to purchase books and supplies as well as expenses incurred during the fall academic term.

Questions about award notifications

When does the OSFA begin sending out financial aid award notifications?

The first award notifications are typically sent out by March 15 for the next academic year which begins with the fall term. Notifications to new, incoming students typically take the form of paper award notices sent to a student's permanent address. Continuing students typically receive their award notification via an email communication sent to their K-State e-mail address. All students are asked to respond to their financial aid offers by logging into the university's student information system, KSIS. Note: Your award notification may be delayed if you did not complete the FAFSA by the March 1 priority date, you were selected for verification, or our office encountered a differing eligibility issue.

I just received my financial aid award notification e-mail or letter. What do I do now?

Irrespective of whether you received your financial aid award notification by e-mail or letter, you will need to sign into K-State's student information system, KSIS to respond to your award offers. In addition, you may also be asked to provide information in regard to your enrollment plans and whether you anticipate receiving any non-university forms of aid. K-State's online acceptance process will also allow you to review a number of your rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.

I still haven't received an award notification and it's after April 1st. Why?

There are three primary reasons why you may have not have received an award notification.
(1) Your financial aid application is not complete. Often the OSFA will request additional information before eligibility for differing forms of aid can be established. Fortunately, checking whether you need to provide any additional information to the OSFA is easy. Simply log in to your Student Center within the university’s student information system, KSIS. The OSFA posts any requests for any additional information required from you under the To Do List within your Student Center in KSIS. 
(2) K-State did not receive your FAFSA information. Often a student will neglect to provide K-State’s federal school code on his or her FAFSA. Unless your FAFSA has K-State’s federal school code of 001928 listed, the OSFA will not receive your FAFSA information. Fortunately, if you have already filed your FAFSA adding K-State’s federal school code is easy, simply make a correction to your on-line FAFSA application and resubmit it.
(3) You have not been admitted to a degree-seeking program at K-State. Students who have not been admitted to a degree-seeking program at K-State are generally not awarded any federal, state, or institutional aid.

Financial Aid Process Timeline Download

Scholarship and Financial Aid Process (PDF)