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Students for Environmental Action

What is SEA? KSU Students for Environmental Action

"Our vision is a healthy community that is economically, socially, and environmentally just.
Our mission is to educate, inspire, and protect a healthy ecological local community."

Get Involved!
Students for Environmental Action is for you, the student who wants to learn more about the environment and who wants to do something about it!
We are an active group who likes to recycle, practice sustainability, eat real food, and learn about the outdoors. Our group goes on camping trips, works on the local KSU student farm, canoes on the Kansas River, and learn about things like climate change and water quality.

Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays, 6pm at the KSU Leadership Studies Building (check the building board for room locations)

Join and Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2201820540/ 

SEA is an independent, non-profit, student and community group. Our club has, and will continue to be, one of K-State's most powerful voices on campus in advocating ecological improvement. Our students come together from diverse backgrounds, representing various fields of study, with different career and life objectives all united to educate and serve our campus and community with respect to environmentalism. 

SEA Students

Upcoming Events

SEA Spring 2016 Meetings
Tuesdays, 6pm
Leadership Studies Building

Earth Day 2016

Friday., April 22
10am - 2pm

K-State Quad - outside located between Hale Library and Waters Hall

Canoe Trip on the Kansas River


Details to come.