Considering Social Work?

  • Considering Social Work as your major? Check out our Social Work Study Guide and the Social Work Student Handbook (located above) to find out more about possible careers, the major, field experience and curriculum.
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Fun Classes in Social Work

Looking for some fun classes to take that relate to the social work major? Look into taking SOCWK 200 or SOCWK 510!

SOCWK 200  Basic Skills for Working with People

Interested in helping people?  Want to improve your listening skills so that you can be the best helper/friend/family member possible?  This class introduces you to the communication skills necessary to work effectively with people and allows you to practice them with your peers in the classroom environment.  Students complete workbook and group exercises throughout the semester as they develop their  communication skills.  This class is required for social work majors and admission to Tier 1 of the social work program.  It is also useful to all others working in any capacity, such as bankers, accountants, medical professionals . . . everybody!

SOCWK 510 Social Welfare

Interested in how the social welfare system works in the United States?Concerned about social justice and injustice?Interested in the history of social welfare and how our country provides for people in need?Like to work in groups and practice your presentation skills?This course helps students to analyze the present-day philosophy and the functions of social welfare in the United States.Students are engaged in group work, class presentations and lively discussions as they look at the past and present systems of social welfare.