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Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Sociology Graduate Student Organization

What is the Sociology Grad Student Association?

The K-State Sociology Graduate Student Association is a registered student organization with the Office of Student Activities and Services at K-State. Regular membership in the SGSA is open to anyone who is enrolled as a full time or part time student in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work or is interested in Sociology. SGSA meets once a month; the activities and leaders are decided by the students. Our purpose and duties are defined by the SGSA Constitution.

Why Should I Join the Sociology Grad Student Association?
The SGSA provides networking and ways of meeting other students with similar interests. Joining will allow you to practice leadership skills and to become an effective and professional ambassador for the department and the university. As a member of SGSA, you can also reach out to other students from a sociological perspective and participate in events that contribute to the understanding of sociology. You will also be able to participate in constructive debates while still having fun.

How do I get involved in SGSA?
You can get involved by coming to a meeting or by contacting the advisor, Dr. Laszlo Kulcsar at (kulscar@ksu.edu) or any SGSA officer or member.

Sociology Grad Student Association Officers:
President - Sarah Beach (srhbeach@ksu.edu)
Vice President - Eddy Green (elwgreen@ksu.edu)
Secretary - Sarah Donley (sdonley@ksu.edu)
Treasurer - Joel Hardy (omoc@ksu.edu)
Graduate Student Representative (to the Graduate Student Council) - Stacy Smith (stacylee@ksu.edu)
Graduate Student Representative to the Faculty - Iveta Kesane (iveta@ksu.edu)

Sociology Grad Student Association Activities:
The SGSA hosts a Semi-Annual Picnic and other recreational events. SGSA also participates in the search committee for speakers for the department's Donald Adamchak Lecture Series. SGSA is also involved with recruiting new students into the program and providing networking and internal support with other SGSA members. Leadership opportunities are also part of the SGSA activities.

Contact Us!
Email: sgsa@ksu.edu
Other Website: http://www.k-state.edu/sgsa/
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