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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Ph. D. Dissertations

Paiva, Marianne Christine (2016)
“Educational attainment of second generation Hmong in a rural ethnic enclave”

Ķešāne, Iveta (2016)
“Symbolic structure of the post-Soviet transformations in Latvia and emigration: avoiding shame and striving for hope and confidence”

Velasquez, Scott E. (2016)
“Images of gender arrangements of three American social organizations: a content analysis of top ranked Google images of individuals preforming organizational roles”

Green, Edward L. W. (2016)
“The weight of the gavel: prison as a rite of passage”

Kharel, Arjun (2016)
“Female labor migration and the restructuring of migration discourse: a study of female workers from Chitwan, Nepal”

Button, Andrea (2015)
“The Rescuers: intersections of individual and group activism and the recognition of the human-animal ‘link’ ”

Whitney, Cindy (2015)
“Exploring women, gun ownership, and gender”

Lynn, Tamara J. (2014)
“Irony of a revolution: how grassroots organizations reinforced power structures they fought to resist”

Sarmistha, Uma (2014)
“The interaction between the digital and material world: transnational practices among high tech Indian immigrant workers”

Teeter, Allison M. (2014)
“Caution, this is Sparta!: a gendered examination of mixed martial arts and the spartanization process”

Donley, Sarah (2014)
“The overtaking of undertaking: feminization and the changing gender type of funeral directing”

Iaroi, Albert (2013)
“The impacts of biofuels production in rural Kansas: local perceptions”

Collins, Anna L. (2013)
“Inequalities in global health: a world-system analysis, 1945-present”

Logan, Laura S. (2013)
“Fear of violence and street harassment: accountability at the intersections”

Beach, Sarah S. (2013)
“And vegetables for all: urban and civic agriculture in Kansas City and visions for the U.S. agrifood system”

Cohn, Ury Saul Hersch (2013)
“Illegal aliens out! : making sociological sense of the new restrictionist frame”

Briggs, Jeremy S. (2013)
“Routine justice: the intersection of race, gender and police discretion in traffic stops”

Boyles, Andrea S. (2012)
“Meacham Park: how do Blacks experience policing in the suburbs?”

Mukherjee, Anirban (2012)
“Assimilation and intergenerational relations among creative workers: the case of Bengali-Indian immigrants in the Kansas City metropolitan area”

Mabeya, Danvas Ogeto (2011)
“Lost and found: different integration patterns of the Sudanese Lost Boys living in Kansas City area after resettlement”

Monier, Janis Pabst (2011)
“Community development in rural America: the power to exchange capital resources in Norton County, Kansas.”

Linnemann, Travis (2011)
“Beyond the ghetto: methamphetamine and the punishment of rural America.”

Alexander, Ryan (2011)
“Pathways : changes in recruitment for child sexual abuse and life course events.”

Dillard, Kara Noelle (2011)
“Assessing the problem of gender inequality in deliberative democracy.”

Ibbetson, Paul A. (2011)
“Changing public threats and police priorities: How police chiefs respond to emerging threats”

Becerra, Terrie A. (2010)
“Muddying the waters: the failure of water restoration bureaucracies in Kansas”

Bolender, Benjamin C. (2010)
“Fields of dreams or diamonds in the rough: unconventional retirement migration”

Zavala, Egbert (2010)
“¡Haciendo travesuras con vatos locos como yo! A low-self control approach to gang violence, gang membership, and criminal offending--violent victimization among gang members”

Jackson, Henry Jr. (2009)
“Power, policy, and the ideology of punishment: time series analysis of the U.S. political economy of punishment in the race to incarcerate, 1972-2002”

Sanneh Patrick Sarjo (2009)
“A study of food insecurity and rural development in the Gambia: the impact of rural weekly markets (Lumos)”

Wallace, Douglas Scott Larson (2009)
“Violent delinquency in America the determinants of carrying firearms among juveniles: a theoretical comparative analysis”

Aguilar R., Daniel E. (2008)
“Mexican immigrants in meatpacking areas of Kansas: transition and acquisition of cultural capital” 

Sara Fisher (2007) 
"How Progressives Took Advantage of Moderate Discontent :Political Opportunity, Framing and Mobilization at the Local Level"


Eric Carter (2006) 
"Failing at Success: A Durkheimian Analysis of Anomie and Deviant Behavior Among National Football League Players" 


Harry Vogel (2006) 
“The Influence of Rural Amenities on Non-Metropolitan Population Change in the United States from 1980-2000”


Tom Barry (2006) 
"The Rock Star as Contemporary Cowboy: Film Mythology and Ideology" 


Leticia Nkonya (2006) 
"Drinking from Own Cistern: Customary Institutions and Their Impacts on Rural Water Management in Tanzania" 


Donald Kurtz (2006) 
"Controlled Burn: The Gendering of Stress, Burnout, and Violence in Modern Policing" 


Mani Pande (2004) 
"Understanding the Effects of the Technology Life Cycle Model and Job and Labor Queues on Employment of Women in the Indian Software Industry" 

Pamela Evans Lueders (2003) 
"Disaster, Trauma and Community: The Impact of Floods on Buffalo Creek and Riley County" 

Suvarna Cherukuri (2003) 
"Social Control of Women Prisoners and their Pathways to Imprisonment: A Case Study of an Indian Prison" 

Sinasi Ozturk (2003) 
"Privatization in the Turkish Economy and Neo-Liberal Restructuring in the World Economy" 

Sean Noonan (2002) 
"A Contribution to the Political Economy of the Advertising Sector in the Postwar U.S. Economy" 

Aravinda Satyavada (2002) 
"The Crisis of Child Malnutrition in Rural North India: Evidence from the Bimaru States" 

Sandra Alvarez (2001) 
"Getting A Head Start on Assimilation: An Analysis of Cuban American Women in a Head Start Program" 

Mohammed Al-Saawi (2001) 
"Women's Status, Fertility, and Family Planning in Two Islamic Counties: A Comparative Study of The Republic of Yemen and Indonesia" 

Sitawa Kimuna (2000) 
"Population Aging: Unraveling Challenges of Socioeconomic Support for Elderly Zimbabweans" 

Seifaldin N. Da'na (2000) 
"The Political Economy and Ecology of Water: A Contribution to Rewrite the History of the Arab-Israeli Struggle" 

Robert W. Dunkley (2000) 
"Casino Gambling: An Interactionist Ethnography of the Casino" 

Ali Al-Roumi (1999) 
"Modeling the Development Process: A Cross-National Study" 

Gaspard R.L. Nderagakura (1999) 
"Competing Theoretical Perspectives on Socioeconomic Development: A Cross-National Analysis of the Physical Quality of Life in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1970-1990" 

Brenda S. 
Richard Wriqht (1988) 
"'Victim' and 'Resister' Conceptualizations of Oppression: An Assessment Through A Content Analysis of the Depiction of Women in Criminology Textbooks" 

John E. Wade (1986) 
"Nonmetropolitan Crime: The Effects of the Population Turnaround" 

"Kansas Extension and Agricultural Producers: An Intersystems Congruence Analysis" 

Somsak Srisontisuk (1981) 
"Thai Comparative Analysis of Urbanism in Thai and U.S. Communities" 

William C. Lane (1980) 
"Faculty Retirement at a Land Grant University: A Study of Retired Faculty from Kansas State University" 

Vickie D. Weeks (1980) 
"Late Nineteenth Century Kansas Utopian Communities: The Value of Hostility in Commitment Development" 

Philip L. Reichel (1979) 
"People Processing Aspects of an Institution for Juvenile Delinquents" 

Jeanne M. Gibbs (1979) 
"Social Worlds of the Older Widow in the Non-Metropolitan Community" 

Dana C. Harper Hughes (1979) 
"Role Expectations and Role Performance of Nurses in the Nursing Home: The Case of the R.N. as Director of Nurses" 

Judith L. Conboy (1978) 
"Reverse Discrimination: The Study of a Protest Movement" 

Arthur S. Evans, Jr. (1978) 
"Black Sociologists as a Status Community"