Field Schools and Language Institutes

Kansas Archaeological Field School 2014 (K-State)

Language Institutes

South Asian Language Programs
South Asia Summer Language Institute
Critical Language Institute (ASU) (East European & Eurasian languages)
Summer Language Workshop at Indiana University
Middlebury College Language Schools
Summer Language Institute - University of Virginia
Boston Language Institute
Summer Language Institute (UMich)
Italian Language Workshop - British Institute of Florence
Spanish Institute of Puebla
Turkish Language and Culture Program
Advanced Turkish Language Study in Istanbul-Fellowship (ARIT) (2011)

ECELA Spanish & Anthropology program

Spanish and Peruvian Anthropology (ECELA 2013)
American Institute of Indian Studies Language Programs

Archaeology Field Schools

Field Schools: The First Experience
Choosing an Archaeological Field School (Piscitelli and Duwe 2007)
Kansas Archaeological Field School 2014 (K-State)
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin
ShovelBums Archaeology Field Schools
eCultural Resources archaeology field school directory - partial listing
Pimu Catalina Island Archaeological field school (2014)
Preservation Archaeology field school in New Mexico (2014)
Oregon State University Archaeology and Geoarchaeology field school (2014)
University of Victoria Archaeological Field school Canada (2014)
Archaeological field school in Zita, Tunisia (2014)
Archaeological field school in Ntusi, Uganda (2014)
Archaeological field school in Oakington, UK (2014)
Archaeological field school in Yangguanzhai, China (2014)
Archaeological field school and laboratory methods at Kampsville, Illinois (2014)
Past Horizons heritage projects list (worldwide)
Past Horizons listing of field schools
Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project
Balkan Heritage Field Schools
Achill Archaeological Field School, Ireland
Bulgarian Archaeological Association (Roman & Bulgarian sites)
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center research internships
Underwater Archaeology Field School, Menorca
Archaeology and Bioarchaeology field schools at San Jose de Moro, Peru

Bioarchaeology /Osteology/Forensics Field Schools

Forensic Anthropology field school in San Bernardino, California (2014)
Excavation based archaeology and Bioarchaeology Virgin Islands (2014)
Summer Internship for Native Americans in Genomics (2014)
OSU/PAST Forensic Sciences and Anthropology field school (2014)
Forensic Anthropology field school in Albania and  Romania (2014)
Bioarchaeology field school at Badia Pozzeveri Italy (2014)
Bioarchaeology field school in Astypalaia Greece (2014)
Bioarchaeology field school at Huari Ancash, Peru (2014)
Bioarchaeology and osteology field school at Kampsville, Illinois (2014)

Paleoanthropology Field Schools

Paleoanthropology and Archaeology field school in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (2014)
Paleanthropology field school in Dmanisi, Republic of Georgia (2014)
Paleoanthropology field schoo lin Tanzania (2014)


Ethnographic or Cultural Anthropology Field Schools

Mayan Ethnographic fielschool in Guatemala (2014)
Ethnography fieldschool in Atlitan Guatemala (2014)
Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates in Ethnography and GIS (2014)
Ethnographic field School among the Hmong in Thailand (2014)
Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology Field Study Abroad
Study Abroad University of  Maryland


Other Field Schools

Making the Archaeological Movie: video documentary field school (Spain) (2012)
Community Health and Medical Anthropology Field School in Guatemala
Balkan Heritage Field School
Maya Language Immersion Field School
University of South Florida Field Schools (various)
Past Horizons volunteer projects
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) [NSF funded]
Various programs through Arizona State University
Volunteer Excavations in Athens (requires previous experience or field training)

Study Abroad

study abroad scholarship listing (KSU)
Goss Discovery Scholarship
KSU Study Abroad
Council on International Educational Exchange
Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Scholarship
Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad
Semester in Belize
India Study Abroad Program
'The Year of Study Abroad'
Korean American Scholarship Foundation scholarships