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K-State Research Showcase

Spotlighting Research Capabilities, Facilities, and Resources

Thanks to all who attended the K-State Research Showcase! We enjoyed: 

  • Opening doors to the breadth of K-State research expertise and resources
  • Showing how K-State's research strengths are aligned with area needs and how researchers can help industry solve R&D problems and develop long-term strategies
  • Telling success stories
  • Highlighting processes K-State has in place to facilitate collaboration
  • Meeting many possible collaborators in a short period of time

If you attended the event, be sure to tell us about your experience

If you missed us,you can relive the event by downloading the K-State Mobile App from The App Store or Google Play. Choose the Faculty & Staff or Family & Friends persona to find the Research Showcase module and view full exhibitor descriptions. 

View a list of Research Showcase exhibitors

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Here's what faculty and industry participants had to say about a past event:


More videos from the Research Showcase

Research Showcase video - Greg Aldrich


Research Showcase video - Wayne Carter

Greg Aldrich from Grain Science and Industry (top) talks about how the Research Showcase enables quality networking and helps K-State's Pet Food Program, and Wayne Carter, CEO of Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute (bottom), describes the work that caught his eye at the 2016 event. 

Faculty Spotlights

Michael Dryden, university distinguished professor of veterinary parasitology, describes his work to help industry develop effective flea and tick control to combat threats to animal and human health. 


Punit Prakash, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, advances biomedical engineering by developing minimally invasive interventions. He works with industry partners to design devices by providing computation modeling and prototypes, and gathers real-world results through the College of Veterinary Medicine.


Kadri Koppel, assistant professor of food, nutrition, dietetics and health, describes her industry collaborations in sensory analysis and consumer behavior. She analyzes food and non-food products from nuts to nail polish to determine how they taste, feel, look, and smell — plus what consumers prefer.