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Recycling Center

bailed cansAfter a tornado hit the Wind Erosion Research building in 2008, USDA eventually vacated the entire building and in February 2012, it became the Recycling Center. The Recycling Center is located straight north of Moore Hall to the northeast of Weber Hall (location of Recycling Center on campus - you need to click "Recycling Center" on the right-hand column of the map to see the location). All collected recyclables are brought here for further processing, including sorting, baling and transportation to Howie's. The Recycling Center is operated by the Division of Facilities.

recycling center outside binsYou may drop off your recyclables directly at the Recycling Center. Recycling bins are located outside the building and are accessible 24 hours a day.

If dropping off departmental electronics requiring a DA110 Disposition of Property form, you will need to come by between 5:30am and 1:30pm, Mo-Fr.  

bailed cans e-waste

Compacted, baled aluminum cans.    E-Waste


Diversion Rate

Diversion rate

Recycling Rate

Recycling rate