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Special Projects

2011 Waste Characterization Study

As part of the NRES Capstone class, a group of students performed a waste characterization study, using randomly selected buildings of varying size on campus. While all buildings recycled, the composition of the trash collected showed that only 30.3% of the trash was non-recyclable. More results of the 2011 Waste Characterization Study.

2011 Recycling Plan

In 2011, the Recycling Committee finalized a 5-year recycling plan for K-State.

2010 Recycling Survey

In May 2010, the Recycling Committee conducted a campus-wide recycling survey with ~2000 responses. THANK YOU to those of you who participated!

Survey Results: 77% currently recycle, 42% have a desk-side recycle bin, paper (78%) and newspaper (82%) are the most recycled items. View the survery results at K-State Recycling Survey