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Department of Psychological Sciences

Department of Psychological Sciences
Kansas State University
492 Bluemont Hall
1114 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, Kansas 66506-5302

785-532-5401 fax



Dr. Michael Young

Graduate Students

Anthony McCoy - Dynamic decision making, risk, error, and EEG
Angela Crumer - Reaction time data analysis, Monte Carlo simulations
Lisa Vangsness - Effort and decision making

Undergraduate Students

Jacob Sanderson
Landon Fossum
Abby Basham
Wynne Taylor
Jordan Voss
Mykenzie Allison

Lab Alumnae

Tara Webb (2013, MA, Data specialist in institutional research at Kalamazoo College, MI)
Dr. Steven Sutherland (2012, Assistant Professor, University of Houston at Clear Lake)
Dr. Joseph Geeseman (2012, Lieutenant, Naval Air Systems Command)
Dr. Debbie Racey (2009, Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University)
Nam Nguyen (2009, MA, Research Scientist, Design Interactive, Oviedo, FL)
Dr. Roberto Limongi (2007, Associate Professor, Universidad Diego Portales in Chile, South America) 
Dr. Olga Falmier (2007, Independent Consultant) 
Dr. Josh Beckmann (2007, Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky)
Dr. Michelle Ellefson (2002, Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge, UK)

Undergraduate Students

Higher Education

Hope Rietcheck (2017, University of Colorado medical school)
Andrew Tenbrink (2015, Wayne State University PhD student)Maya Wang (2014, University of Rochester PhD student)
Eric French (2013, Central Michigan University PhD student)
Jillian Rung (2013, Utah State University PhD student)
Jing Liu (2013, Beijing Normal University PhD student)
David Foutch (2011, Southern Illinois University, Plant Mathematical Biology MS student)
Nam Nguyen (2009, MA Psych SIUC)
Josh Beckmann (2007, PhD Psych SIUC)
Mike Calderala (2004, MA in I/O, San Jose State University; Manager, Talent Management at US Foods)
Nancy Simer (2004, MA in Rehab SIUC)
Ester Rogers (2003, MS in Psychology, DePaul University; Director of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation, Occidental College) 

Corporations or unknown

Naomi Mwebeza
Sierra Davila
Qiwu Zhu
Ryan Mellor
Lesly Alcantar
Connor Smith
Chance Deviney (Family Intervention Specialist, MHMR Tarrant, Texas)
James McCoy
Andrew Vaz (Customer Support Analyst, Liaison Technologies)
Amber Blacharski (Student Finance Advisor, Ultimate Medical Academy)
Joel Smith
Nate Odes (Auto Financing, Denver, CO)
Garren King (Program Specialist, US Air Force) 
Sarah Bocock 
Jeremy Gower (Director of Marketing, Diederich Insurance Company)
Laura Deaton (Physician Assistant, Litchfield, IL)
Melissa Brandmeyer
Nicole Sawatzki
Lucia Perez
Caleb Catalano (University of Chicago Impact Team; MS, Roosevelt University)