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Dr. Don Saucier was appointed the Coffman Chair and a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar. This is the top teaching award at Kansas State.

Dr. Kim Kirkpatrick was selected as a Fellow of the Eastern Psychological Association.

Our Masters in I/O Psych is receiving recognition for high quality on-line education thanks to the excellence provided by Drs. Knight and Fullagar who run this program.  

Alum J.P. Bilbrey, 1978 BS and current CEO and Chair of the Board of the Hershey Company, was selected as the 2015 K-State College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Fellow. 

Alum Dr. Linda Simon, 1994 PhD and current Senior VP at DirectTV, was selected as the 2015 K-State Graduate School Alumni Fellow.   

Other Major Announcements

Dr. Don Saucier did a TV interview for the Huffington Post on the social nature of eating on Thanksgiving, which was picked up on several news outlets. 

Dr. Wendong Li was chosen by a Human Resources group as one of the 30 most influential I/O Psychologists alive today  His selection was based on his ground-breaking and novel work in genetics and proactive behaviors.  

Alum DeKeta Schuckman (nee Nicholson) and her husband, Mark, recently endowed the Nobuko S. Nicholson Opportunity Fund for Psychological Sciences.  The purpose of the fund is to perpetuate the memory of DeKeta's mother, Nobuko, who was a wonderful inspiration to DeKeta and many others.  Nobuko believed that opportunities could be created and seized with education and a strong work ethic. 

Our alum, Janet Gee, established and endowed the "Curtis Lee and JB Gee Psychological Sciences Scholarship" in January, 2014.  The scholarship will be granted to one psychology major every spring.  A big thanks goes out to Janet for establishing this wonderful way of honoring her family's ongoing commitment to K-State!  

Dr. Mary Cain was selected to be a Fellow of the Midwestern Psychological Association.  

The Department of Psychological Sciences presented its Distinguished Alumnus award to Mr. J.P. Bilbrey, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Hershey Company. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University in Psychology in 1978. 

Grants and Research Awards

Dr. Greg Monaco received a two-year $130k grant from the National Science Foundation to leverage partnerships across the Great Plains to enhance campus advanced networking, that started October 2014.

Dr. Michael Young received a 5-month $50k grant from the Hershey Company to study the factors affecting consumer product choice, August 2014.

Dr. Mary Cain received a two-year $73k Diversity Supplement on her NIDA grant to support a graduate student from a diverse background starting August 2014.

Drs. Les Loschky, Sanjay Rebello (K-State Physics), and Andy Bennett (K-State Mathematics) received a 3-year $1.2M grant from the National Science Foundation to study the use of visual cueing and feedback to facilitate physics problem solving that started January 2014.

Earlier Grants and Research Awards

Dr. Mary Cain was selected to be a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Division 6 (Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology), August 2013.

Dr. Mary Cain received a 3-year $436K grant from the National Institute for Drug Abuse to study the effects of differential rearing on glutamate homeostasis and addiction in May 2013.

Dr. Greg Monaco, Director for Research and Cyberinfrastructure Initiatives of the Great Plains Network and Research Assistant Professor of Psychology at Kansas State University, was a member of a team receiving a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  

Dr. Gary Brase and Dr. Eugene Vasserman (Computing and Information Sciences) received a 2-year $148K grant from the National Science Foundation to study Education-optional Security Usability on the Internet, in September 2012.

Dr. Les Loschky and Dr. Sanjay Rebello (K-State Physics) received a 2-year $399K grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study the effects of cueing attention on Physics problem solving, in January 2012.

Dr. Lester Loschky was awarded a 3-year $1.4M grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to create a new measure of attentional breadth for use in simulators in September 2011.

Dr. Kim Kirkpatrick received a 5-year $1.3M R01 grant from the National Institutes of Mental Health in 2010.

Teaching Awards Won by Faculty and Graduate Students

2015: Dr. Don Saucier, Coffman Chair and a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

2015: Dr. Lora Adair (2015 PhD), William L. Stamey GTA Teaching Award

2015: Dr. Mary Cain, University Distinguished Faculty Award for Mentoring of Undergraduate Students in Research

2015: Whitney Jeter, K-State University Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for a Graduate Teaching Assistant

2014: Whitney Jeter, K-State Graduate Student Council Award for Teaching Excellence for a doctoral student

2014: Dr. Donald Saucier, Commerce Bank Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Earlier Teaching Awards

2013: Tammy Sonnentag, Midwest Association of Graduate Schools' (MAGS) Doctoral Level Teaching Excellence Award

2012: Dr. Satoris Culbertson, The College of Arts and Sciences William L. Stamey Teaching Excellence Award

2011: Dr. Donald Saucier was awarded a Kansas State University Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Service & Other Awards

2015: Dr. Heather Bailey began serving as a Consulting Editor for Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

2015: Dr. Les Loschky began serving as a Consulting Editor for the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

2014: Dr. Kim Kirkpatrick was appointed as an Associate Editor for the journal Behavioural Processes.  

Earlier Service and Other Awards

2013: Dr. YoungAh Park was selected to participate in the "Early Career Work and Family Scholars Program," a year-long scholar development program managed by the Work and Family Researchers Network (funded by the Sloan Foundation).  She was one of only 15 early career scholars selected for this year's program.  

2013: Dr. Mary Cain selected for the APA Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology. 

2013: Dr. Mary Cain, APA Division 6, Clifford T. Morgan Distinguished Service Award, for continuing exceptional contributions to the Division.

Other News

Graduate student Judy LaValley was awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the Army Research Institute for extraordinary achievements in scholarship and exemplary contributions to ARI.  She will be leaving ARI to take a prestigious summer internship with RAND Corporation in California.

Sooyeol Kim, Dr. YoungAh Park, and Lucy Headrick's paper "Employees' micro-break activities and job performance: An examination of telemarketing employees" was selected for the 2015 Academy of Management Meeting as one of the best accepted papers.

Dr. Li's co-authored paper "A Multilevel Study on Antecedents of Abusive Supervision: A Trait Activation Approach" was selected for the 2015 Academy of Management Meeting as one of the best accepted papers.

Donte Bernard (2013 BS), Dr. McManus (2013 PhD), and Dr. Saucier received a Diversity Article Award from the Psi Chi Diversity Committee and Board of Directors for an article they published in the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research

Earlier Other News

Dr. Barnett served as a domain expert for a book on narcissism written by Time Science Editor, Jeffrey Kluger.  Excerpts from the book appeared in the latest issue of Time

An article by Dr. Brase and his graduate student, Lora Adair, titled "Explaining Sex Differences in Reactions to Relationship Infidelities: Comparisons of the Roles of Sex, Gender, Beliefs, Attachment, and Sociosexual Orientation" was featured in an article in the Huffington Post.

A recent book titled "Social Skills Assessment Through Games: The New Best Practice" features Dr. Chelsea Bartel, a graduate of the Department of Psychology at Kansas State University. She is a researcher at 3C Institute, which is an organization that develops programs to improve social and emotional learning for children and adolescents.

Graduate student Ryan Ringer (Loschky advisee) won both the "Best Student Paper" award and the "Best Long Paper" award at the ETRA (Eye Tracking Research & Applications) Conference in Safety Harbor, FL.  The work will appear as an Association for Computing Machinery proceedings paper.

Graduate student Taylor Wadian (Barnett advisee) won 2nd place for his presentation in the K-State Graduate Research Forum's Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education Oral Session. 

Dr. YoungAh Park's grad student Sooyeol Kim's study has been featured on the homepage of SIOP (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology). He will be presenting the study this May at the SIOP Annual Conference.

Dr. Loschky's research with recent PhDs Drs. Larson & Freeman and current grad student Ryan Ringer, "The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Scene Gist recognition," and Drs. Kirkpatrick and Loschky's research, “Scene Gist Categorization by Pigeons," are both being featured in APA PeePs (Particularly Exciting Experiments in Psych).

Dr. Donald Saucier's article, Angels and Demons Are Among Us: Assessing Individual Differences in Belief in Pure Evil and Belief in Pure Good, has been getting a lot of press!  It was featured in an article in the Huffington Post and another article in Scientific American

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