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Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President

Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President
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Faculty Senate Committees

Faculty Affairs Committee (2000)

Considers matters relating to employment qualifications, professional standards, teaching quality, promotions, workload, and all matters affecting the welfare of the faculty. All committees 2001 through 2999 function as subcommittees of and are responsible to the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Members, 2016-2017

Jeffrey Stevenson, Agriculture 
Todd Gabbard, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Betsy Cauble, Arts and Sciences - CO-CHAIR
David Lehman, Business Administration
Jackie Spears, Education 
Ronaldo Maghirang, Engineering
Charlie Barden, Extension
Scott Finkeldei, General University - Alternate: Loren Wilson
Gayle Doll, Human Ecology
Christina Geuther, K-State Libraries 
Melinda (Mindy) Markham, K-State Salina CO-CHAIR
Derek Mosier, Veterinary Medicine - Alternate: Sanjeev Narayanan
Jessica Van Ranken, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Brian Niehoff: Liaison for the Provost 
Charlotte Self: Liaison for Human Capital

For additional information please see the Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs website.

Grievance Chair (2018)

Mustaque Hossain, College of Engineering (AY 17-18)

The Grievance Chair serves a three-year term. To learn more about the Administrative Appeal and Grievance Policy and Hearing Procedures please read University Handbook Appendix G.

Faculty Salaries and Fringe Benefits Committee (2090)

Raylene Alexander, Technology and Aviation (AY 18-19)
Maria Beebe, International Programs (AY 18-19)
Priscilla Roddy, Veterinary Medicine, CHAIR (AY 18-19)

Jim Bach, Financial Services (AY 17-18)
Darren Epping, Communication Studies (AY 17-18)
Julia Keen, Arch Eng. & Const. Science (AY 17-18)
Linda Marston, Libraries (AY 17-18)

Jennyfer Owensby, Business Manager, Comm & Marketing, Professional Staff (AY 16-17)
Kevin Roberts, Associate Professor, Hospitality Management and Dietetics, Faculty (AY 16-17)
Haiyan Wang, Associate Professor, Statistics, Faculty (AY 16-17)
David Pickering, Assistant Professor, Music (AY 16-17)

Carrie Fink, University Support Staff Senate Representative, ex-officio
TBA, Faculty Affairs Representative, ex-officio
Nancy Baker, Planning & Analysis, ex-officio

The Faculty Salaries and Fringe Benefits Committee reviews and makes recommendations on internal distribution of faculty and unclassified staff salary funds and benefits, and formulates recommendations on the level and distribution of internal and external support.

University Handbook & Policy Committee (2095)

Jia Grace Liang, Educational Leadership (AY 18-19)
Erin Yelland, FSHS (AY 18-19)

Debra Burnett, FSHS (AY 17-18)
Melinda Cro, Modern Languages (AY 17-18)
George Widenor, Global Campus (AY 17-18)

Ellen Stauffer, Global Campus (AY 16-17)
Diana McElwain, President's Office (AY 16-17)

Lynn Carlin, Provost's Office, ex officio

Participates in the authoring of the University Handbook and reviews the consistency of the handbook with University and Faculty Senate policy.

Academic Affairs Committee (3000)

Members, 2016-2017

Jennifer Bormann, Agriculture 
Mick Charney, Architecture, Planning, and Design
Tim Bolton, Arts and Sciences
David Fallin, Business Administration
Todd Goodson, Education
John Schlup, Engineering 
Fadi Aramouni, Extension 
Dana Reinert, General University  Alternate: Jana Fallin
TBA,  Human Ecology
Volodymyr Chumachenko, K-State Libraries
Teresa Hartman, K-State Salina (CHAIR)
Laura Armbrust, Veterinary Medicine  Alternate: Sanjeev Narayanan
Trenton Kennedy, Student representative

Non-voting Attendees:
Monty Nielsen, Registrar
Ruth Dyer, Liaison for the Provost

For additional information please see the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs website.

Considers policies and criteria of academic standards, curricula and courses. 

Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures (CAPP) (3010)

Current Committee Members - no term limits

Shannon Washburn, Agriculture (AG)
Lynn Ewanow, Architecture, Planning & Design (AR)
Alison Wheatley, CHAIR, Arts & Sciences (AS)
Bente Janda, Business Administration (BA)
David Griffin, Sr., Education (ED)
TBD, Engineering (EN)
Michael Herman, Graduate School (GS)
Karen Pence, Human Ecology (HE)
Alysia Starkey, Technology & Aviation (TC)
Ronnie Elmore, Veterinary Medicine (VM)
Molly McGaughey, Admissions (OA)
Dana Reinert, Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
Duane Dunn, Global Campus (GC)
Michael Lynch, Educational & Personal Development (EPD)
Emily Lehning, New Student Services
Heather Reed, Office of Student Life (OSL)
Steve Dandaneau, Provost's Office
Monty Nielsen, Registrar (OR)

For additional information please see the Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures website.

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the development, implementation, and revision of procedures supporting approved academic policies that impact the academic progress and/or experience of K-State students.  For more information please see the CAPP webpage.

 Undergraduate Grievance Committee (3030)

Becky DeGreeff, Polytechnic Arts, Sci & Bus, CHAIR (AY 17-18)
Volodymyr Chumachenko, Library (AY 16-17)

Dustin Nelsen, Student (AY 16-17)
Kinsey Ackerman, Student (AY 16-17)

Hears complaints of students against faculty or faculty members against students on grade appeals but not academic dishonesty.

University Calendar Committee (3035)

Monty Nielsen, Registrar, CHAIR
Tosha Sampson-Choma, English (AY 18-19)
Christina Geuther, Libraries (AY 17-18)
Jo A. Maseberg-Tomlinson, Global Campus (AY 16-17)
Kerri Day Keller, Career & Employment Services (AY 15-16)

Trenton Kennedy, Student (AY 16-17)
Jessica Van Ranken, Student (AY 16-17)

Considers issues concerning the university academic calendar, studies impact of suggested changes in the academic calendar, and makes recommendations for change to Faculty Senate.

University Library Committee (3040)

Stephanie Bannister, Housing and Dining (AY 18-19)
Eric Cole, Technology and Aviation (AY 18-19)
Kraig Roozeboom, Agronomy (AY 18-19)
Karin Westman, English CHAIR (AY 18-19)

Kathleen Antonioli, Modern Languages (AY 17-18)
Randall Booth, ISO (AY 17-18)
Brooks Hetle, Housing and Dining (AY 17-18)
Dunja Peric, Civil Engineering (AY 17-18)

Mervi Pakaste, Art (AY 16-17)
Lauren Ritterbush, Anthropology (AY 16-17)
Haiyan Wang, Statistics (AY 16-17)
Daniel Warner, Art (AY 16-17) 

Jenny Bormann, AAC Rep

Chase Bouse, Student (AY 16-17)
Natalie Rappaport, Student (AY 16-17)

Lori Goetsch, K-State Libraries, ex-officio

Reviews library operations and recommends policies leading to optimum utilization.