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Office of the President


Thinking about the future and finding innovative ways to reach our goals as a university community.

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K-State 2025
Defining who we are as a university, creating a vision of where we hope to be in the future and identifying how we are going to get there. Learn more about K-State 2025 initiatives.

Enrollment Management Task Force

Enrollment Management Task Force
Kansas State University's Enrollment Management Task Force will set enrollment goals and objectives for the university over the next five years.

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Building our future
To meet the goals of K-State 2025, the university is building for the future. By improving and expanding the campuses, students and faculty will be equipped to accomplish these goals.

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Australia Initiatives
K-State 2025 provides a strong case that we need to pursue additional international opportunities and collaborations between our faculty, staff, and students and colleagues from abroad.

Archived initiatives