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Office of the President


Thinking about the future and finding innovative ways to reach our goals as a university community.

Diversity and Inclusion Draft Structure and Positions

Provide feedback on diversity and inclusion structure.

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K-State 2025
Defining who we are as a university, creating a vision of where we hope to be in the future and identifying how we are going to get there. Learn more about K-State 2025 initiatives.

Multicultural Center Planning Group

Multicultural Center Planning Group
The Multicultural Center planning group is charged with and is committed to creating a center that advances student success, diversity, inclusion and social justice at Kansas State University.

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Building our future
To meet the goals of K-State 2025, the university is building for the future. By improving and expanding the campuses, students and faculty will be equipped to accomplish these goals.

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Australia Initiatives
K-State 2025 provides a strong case that we need to pursue additional international opportunities and collaborations between our faculty, staff, and students and colleagues from abroad.

Archived initiatives