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 Roll Out 2016

Please join us on April 9th for Roll Out! The event will begin with a presentation from our design leaders. This will be followed by the unveiling of our 2016 car.

 The event will begin at April 9th at 11:00 AM in Fiedler Auditorium in Fiedler Hall. Lunch will be provided by the team.

 Any questions about the event can be directed to Greg Hopper gjhopper@ksu.edu

We hope to see you there!

Welcome to Powercat Motorsports, K-State's Society of Automotive Engineers Formula Race team. Formula SAE is the world’s largest and most prestigious design competition with 13 international competitions and over 500 active teams. Powercat Motorsports is proud to represent K-State in this competition every year since 1997. The premise of this design series is to design, manufacture, test, race and present a fully functional, open wheel, open cockpit racecar. While housed in the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department, the entirety of the work is competed by students from all across campus.

Powercat Motorsports has a proud tradition of hard work, dedicated ethics, and pushing the limits in design.  This can be recognized as the team features advanced technologies that compare to professional race teams.  These include a full carbon fiber chassis, full aerodynamic packages, custom CNC parts, a fully electric paddle shift system, and wireless data acquisition to monitor the car’s dynamic behavior in real time. 

....Oh yeah, and did we mention we get to race the car we create against other universities?


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