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Department of Philosophy

Current Faculty

Joshua DiPaolo

Philosophy of epistemology, ethics (esp. metaethics)

Asia Ferrin

Philosophy of normative ethics, and moral psychology

Bruce Glymour 

Philosophy of biology. Department Head.

James R. Hamilton


Jonathan Herington

Moral and political philosophy

Amelia Hicks 


Daniel Immerman

Epistemology, ethics, Philosophy of Mathematics/Logic

Jason Konek

Formal epistemology, decision theory, philosophy of science

Amy Lara


Graham Leach-Krouse

Philosophy of math, logic

Jon Mahoney

Political philosophy

Marcelo Sabatés

Philosophy of mind, metaphysics

Scott Tanona

Philosophy of science, history and philosophy of physics

Rosa Terlazzo

Moral and political philosophy

Elliott Wagner

Philosophy of science, formal epistemology, game and decision theory 

Donald Wilson


Emeritus Faculty