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Department of Philosophy

Upcoming Events

Afghanistan: Culture, History, and Politics A Skype conversation with Mahmud Khalili 

Tuesday September, 26th, 2:30-3:30pm

Mahmud Khalili will discuss various topics related to Afghanistan.  

Location: International Student Center Multipurpose Room.

Mahmud Khalili is author of Afghanistan Decoded: Perspectives in Domestic and Foreign Affairs (2016), and translator of Whispers of War: An Afghan Freedom Fighter’s Account of the Soviet Invasion (2017).  Whispers of War is a memoir written by Mahmud’s father, Masood Khalili, comprised of letters to Masood Khalili’s wife about many aspects of the Afghani resistance to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which began in 1979.  Mahmud will discuss Whispers of War and other topics, and will also dialogue with audience members who can ask questions.  This event is co-sponsored by International Student and Scholar Services and the Department of Philosophy.


Skeptical Theism and the Paradox of Evil

Luis R.G. Oliveira 

Friday 10 November, 4pm, Dickens 203

Abstract: Given plausible assumptions about the nature of evidence and undercutting defeat, many believe that the force of the evidential problem of evil depends on skeptical theism being false. I think this dialectic is mistaken. In this paper, I argue that we may construe the evidential problem of evil as compatible with skeptical the- ism. More exactly, I suggest a defense of William Rowe’s original 1979 argument that makes it depend on the evidential support provided by the collection of instances of apparently pointless suffering in a way that is compatible with each particular instance failing to provide any support at all. I call this result the paradox of evil.


Recurring Events

During the Fall and Spring semesters, (almost) every Thursday at 4pm in Dickens 201 for Rationali-tea--drink tea, eat cookies, and chat with faculty, staff, and students from the philosophy department. All are welcome!

Philosophy Club: On Monday September 25th, we will be having our second meeting of the year. For this meeting we will be watching some episodes of Rick and Morty and then discussing the philosophy of the show. Philosophy Club will provide popcorn and soda for the event!

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Recent News

Student News

This year's essay winner is Sam Leyba, who wins for his essay entitled "Hobbes' Leviathan." Leyba argues that Batek theories of property, power relations, and governance undermine Hobbes' argument for the view that the state of nature is a state of war.  The contest is underwritten by funds provided by Fred and Virginia Merrill, whom we than for their generosity.

Faculty News