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Powercat Financial Counseling

Powercat Financial Counseling

Powercat Financial Counseling provides FREE information and education to
current enrolled K-State students who are seeking help with issues such as:

  • Budgeting
  • Credit use
  • Student loan planning and repayment
  • Saving
  • Managing debt
  • Transitioning to work after college
  • Identity theft

Check out our services and request an appointment via your KSIS student information system account now if you are a current student.

We also provide free financial presentations to students.

Financial education for students, by students, and with students

Introduction to Powercat Financial CounselingStudents at the university studying to become financial planning professionals are assisting fellow students with their money questions.

Peer financial counselors are students in programs such as:

Learn more about student involvement in PFC.

Powercat Financial appointment request feature in KSIS

Students can request their free appointment with Powercat Financial by signing in to KSIS. Detailed instructions found here.

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