How can I eat healthy on the run?

Healthy Snacks

When you purchase food for snacks on the go, buy a box of snack size bags and place a portion in each bag. That way you’ve already measured out a serving so you won’t overindulge, and it’s ready to grab and take with you. Here are some foods that make great snacks:

-Carrot and celery sticks
-Sliced cucumber and tomatoes
-Fresh fruit
-Canned fruit
-Whole-wheat crackers
-Light popcorn
-Graham crackers with peanut butter
-Whole-wheat tortilla with peanut butter or melted cheese
-Crackers and cheese
-Low-fat string cheese
-Cottage cheese and canned pineapple, peaches or fruit cocktail
-Light yogurt
-Flavored rice cakes
-Dried fruit
-Tuna salad in a pouch
-Low fat cookies (like Newton’s® or Snack Wells®)
-Make your own trail mix with pretzels, light cheese crackers, mixed nuts, cereal and raisins

Fast Food Facts

Most restaurants now have nutrient information available on their websites to help consumers learn more about what they’re eating. The following website has an abundance of information from some popular fast food restaurants. Check it out for yourself. You may be surprised how many calories and grams of fat can be packed into one hamburger or small order of fries.

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Eating Healthy on the Run