Recording Your Eating Habits

Evaluate your Current Eating Habits

There are a lot of ways to evaluate your current eating habits. You should have completed a health behaviors assessment survey as part of this program. This is a good tool to evaluate your habits and allows you to make goals accordingly. The following are two other methods used to further evaluate nutritional intake.

The first is called a 3-day Food Record. With this method you record everything you eat and drink over a three-day period. We recommend you choose 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day to get an accurate example of your intake patterns. Once you’ve completed the record, sit down and calculate how many servings of each food group you consumed and compare it to recommendations made by the food guide pyramid.

The other method is called a Food Frequency Record. It asks you a series of questions about how many times per day, week or month you eat certain foods. Like the 3-day Food Record, when you’re finished you can compare your intake to the food guide pyramid recommendations.

The key to using these surveys is to be as honest as possible. The more accurate your input, the more helpful your findings will be. If you need help evaluating either record please contact your peer mentor.

-3-day Food Record (PDF File)

-Food Frequency Record (PDF File)

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Recording Your Eating Habits